Video: Are Axon Optics Glasses Effective?

In This video, Dr. Bradley Katz discusses how and when Axon Optics glasses are effective. He talks about the technology and research behind this ground breaking method of treatment for mirgaines. Check out the video below:

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Video: Using Axon Optics Glasses Indoors

In this video, Dr. Bradley Katz discusses using Axon Optics glasses indoors. He discusses transition tints as well as the effectiveness of Axon Optics glasses while looking at computer screens. Check out the video below:

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Video: Can Axon Eye-ware Help Children With Migraines?

In a new video, Dr. Bradley Katz briefly discusses how Axon-Eyeware can benefit children with migraines. He speaks specifically about the difficulty in treating migraine in children through other means. Check out this video below:

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Axon Optics Migraine Tinted Glasses by Chicklette

This week I've had the privilege of trying out a new pair of migraine tinted glasses from Axon Optics. I LOVE THEM! I've been looking into getting a pair for a while now. So what took me so long to get them??? The right frames.

I'm blind as a bat and have been wearing glasses since Jr. High. I've been called bug eyes and four eyes and every other name under the sun. It became important early on to have not only functional glasses, but fashionable too! After all glasses are an extension of your face. One type of frame does not look good on everyone…and I'm super picky!

So what was I looking for? As I'm a receptionist I need to always look professional…even mid migraine! I can't be wearing great big glasses indoors as it's off putting to clients. But being under those awful florescent lights was killing me. A simple pair of reading glasses was the perfect solution. The special migraine tint Axon Optics uses helped reduce the light and glare of the harsh indoor lights and reduced my migraine in the process! The color of the lenses are also light enough so clients can see my eyes so they're quite comfortable talking to me with these glasses on. Fashionable and Functional. Total score :)

I'm also very happy to report that these amazing glasses helped in other areas of daily life too. They were absolutely fabulous while driving…EVEN AT NIGHT!!!

I hate to drive at night because the headlights from passing cars (even low beams) are like daggers through the brain. Even my own lights reflecting on road signs hurt and make me squint in pain. Then when I reach my destination I have to spend 20 minutes recovering. I would have to sit and rest my head, and eyes, and let the migraine aura settle down before I could do anything else. 

Wearing the migraine tinted glasses from Axon Optics reduced all that glare. I even drove with my brights on for the first time in years! I felt comfortable enough to wear them at night without being concerned that it would impair my driving. And best of all NO MIGRAINE AURA after driving! HALLELUIAH!

I'm truly amazed that these glasses have helped me so much. I'm also very, very happy that I invested in them.

In fact, I wonder what other frames they have??? I can totally see myself in a different pair for lots of different occasions :)  

The original article can be viewed here:

Editor's Note: As no safety studies have been conducted on the safety of tinted lenses while driving at night, Axon Optics cannot endorse or recommend use of their lenses for night driving. 

chicklette's review axon optics therapeutic lenses

chicklette's review of axon optics fl-41 therapeutic lenses

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Axon Optics & Migraine Discussions Drawing Winner joynpain2 reviews our lenses

Axon Optics glasses joynpain2

It has been a while since I won a pair of sunglasses from Axon Optics and Michael Fernandez at This company makes glasses for migraine sufferers or for anyone with a sensitivity to light such as someone who is at a computer screen all day. I can’t really say anything about the indoor glasses since mine are for the outdoors. However I do have some things to say about the ones I own.

First of all, I was surprised that for a pair of “over Rx glasses”, these are remarkably stylish. I remember when I was a kid and they made the lenses that fit over the prescription eyeglasses and flipped up…not so cool. These, however, are just the right size to fit over my glasses and hide them from view. It looks like I simply have on a pair of sunglasses. So as far as style goes, it’s a thumbs up.

The frames are lightweight. I mentioned in another post how a previous pair of sunglasses I had made the bridge of my nose hurt after about an hour. I can wear these glasses almost all day (or at least a few hours) before they start to bother me. However, when they do, a simple adjustment in the placement of my Rx glasses and I’m good for another little while. So, for comfort…another thumbs up.

Now, as far as doing what they claim to do…helping with migraines: Since I received the glasses (it has been about 3 weeks) I have worn them every day when going outside. In that time I usually would have taken my migraine medication (Maxalt) to keep a migraine at bay at least 5 times, sometimes more. I have only taken one dose of Maxalt since receiving these glasses and it was taken at the first sign of a headache to prevent it from becoming a full-blown migraine. It is possible that it wouldn’t have developed into one, but like they say- better safe than sorry. By providing full coverage from the sun even on the sides (unlike most sunglasses that allow the light to come in from the sides and sometimes the top and bottom of the lenses) the use of these glasses have kept me from having to take as much medication as before. Therefore, I have to give it another thumbs up.

Since I haven’t had a full-blown migraine, I have not been able to use these glasses yet during the light-sensitivity part of the headache. However, because of the coverage, I believe that it would be safe to assume that they would be very helpful when having to be in a well-lit room during a headache. I think that they would provide relief in that situation as well. In this area, I have to reserve the thumbs up for when this happens. I will keep you guys posted on that front.

I am so very grateful to Michael and Axon Optics for providing me with these great sunglasses. They have met all my needs so far and may help any of you who suffer from migraines or other types of light-sensitivity. If you would like more information you can go to the Axon Optics website here or contact Michael Fernandez at

The original article can be viewed here:

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A Review of Axon Optics Therapeutic Eyewear by Migrainista

SUNDAY, JULY 20, 2014

Originally published here:

Last month I was contacted by Axon Optics, with an opportunity to try a pair of what they are calling therapeutic eyewear. These are FL-41 tinted lenses that are designed specifically for people who are light sensitive, filtering out the wavelengths of light that are believed to be most problematic.

Before I go into the details of my experience let me just give you a little background info. I'm very light sensitive. I've been this way since I first started having episodic migraines as a young child. This sensitivity has gotten much worse since my migraines went chronic. Even on a low pain day I struggle when looking at things. I can only read for short periods of time, I am constantly averting my eyes when on the computer or watching TV, I wear shades even on cloudy days and have my home a virtual cave so I can control the lighting… For me light is both a trigger and an incredibly painful stimuli during all the stages of a migraine attack.

Here is what I found:

Option, option and more option. They have 11 different frames to choose from, plus the option to send in your own frames to have fitted with their FL-41 lenses. Each of the frames has additional options. They come in varied sizes and colors, they come lighter for indoor use and darker for outdoor use, they can be polarized and even made into transition lenses. 

I ordered the Cover Rx frames designed to fit over prescription glasses, in the darker outdoor tinting. I don't wear glasses but I like the wrap around coverage and the loose fit that is much less likely to pinch behind the ears. The glasses came in this carrying case with this cleaning cloth.

migrainista cover-rx outdoor fl-41 tint axon optics

I've been wearing them off and on for about a month now, going back and forth between these special lenses and my regular sunglasses in an effort to compare them side by side. I wore them on the long drive from St Louis up to Rochester, Minnesota and then back again. I wore them out running errands, walking the dog, and even a couple times indoors while on the computer.

migrainistacover-rx axon optics fl-41 tint

What I loved:
- The frames are a great fit thanks to the sizing guide and sizing options. My face is sort of narrow and smallish so I appreciated that the frames came in different sizes. Even better they don't pinch behind the ears.
- When I am wearing them my eyes feel relaxed. I don't know how else to describe what is happening. This isn't something that I've ever felt before with my regular sunglasses. They simply feel relaxed.

What I wasn't crazy about:
-The only thing that bothers me a bit is that after wearing for them for a while they leave an indentation where they rest on my nose, which can take a few hours to smooth out. The glasses are not pinching my nose or in any way uncomfortable/painful. The mark is simply a matter of aesthetics and, frankly, isn't normally a big deal. I might not wear them on my way to be photographed or big event, but those things happen pretty rarely around here. Seems like this might be happening because they are designed to fit over glasses and I am not using them that way.

Migraine is a complicated genetic, neurological disease. The world is full of triggers and exacerbating stimuli so I wouldn't go so far as to say that these glasses are a great preventative or treatment. BUT that wouldn't be a realistic expectation, would it?

For me, these glasses make a noticeable and consistent impact on the way my eyes feel when outside or in otherwise bright environments. I have come to see my glasses as a kindness I show my eyes and, by extension, my head. They are another great tool at my disposal as I continue to try to live the best I can despite my chronic migraines and fibromyalgia.

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New Axon Optics FL-41 Contact Lenses Review

By Michael Fernandez

Migraine Contact Lens 4 Axon Optics Natural migraine relief therapeutic

A few months ago I sat down down with Steve Blair and Virginia at a New York City restaurant. We spoke about several things: how I’d like to integrate myself into the company and how I’d love to work on creativity and innovation with them. Most importantly, we spoke about new directions the company was taking and Steve offered up a few samples and asked me to send my info for the new contacts they were making. For weeks I slacked on getting Steve my information but he got the lenses back to me in record time after I finally gave them my information.

Holy cow. They work folks! They actually work! At first I was having issues with these contact lenses being painful on the eyes but after a good ol soak in water for a minute then a 30 second shake they are great and could not be more comfortable. I couldn’t wear them for week because I was storing them in acidic cleaning solution (which is why it burned my eyes). Now I store them in tap water and clean them weekly in the solution. Thus far, I must say what a way to gain a leg up on the competition. Bravo Axon Optics, well done!


  • Mine are prescription contacts and they got it spot on. The tint is perfect as well. I can actually look at a device with background lighting like a tv, phone, or computer screen without glasses again thank you to Axon Optics!

  • They are well-shaped. I keep them in a cleaning kit that they came with, the "Clean Care Triple Action Cleaning Kit". It holds the lenses in the right shape so they don’t fold over on you or anything frustrating like that. They form well to my case regardless of the fact that they weren’t made for it.

  • Things aren’t all that pink and in dim light my fiance couldn’t even tell I had colored contacts in at 3am. I will have to take a picture in the daytime to show you all how this looks! Rest assured you won't be creeping anyone out!

  • Clean your lenses often as needed. If your hands are constantly dirty, wash those suckers daily. You don’t want an eye infection. I’m sure the extra cleaning solution you’ll go through is cheaper than an optometrist visit and a co-pay as well as medication etc.

  • Keep at least 1 bottle you get the contacts in or vial! This shows the expiration date on the outside and it’s crucial to know when you’ll be needing a new pair of lenses so that you can order in appropriate timing so that you receive them the week these go expired.

  • Even in photos and in person nobody can tell you’re wearing shaded contacts unless you tell them! I had to tell my fiance and mother this morning and ask how they looked they never knew I’d gotten these contacts in meanwhile I’ve been walking around with them on for a while now.

  • Get back into the light with the FL-41 tinted contact lenses by Axon Optics. Seriously you can come out of your darkened corner now!

Now that you’ve all seen some pics and how these truly look on the eyes, read my entire review, and now know how comfy these are I hope you will consider ordering these bad boys. They’re still new but my god people they work like a damn charm! I have to thank everyone over at Axon Optics for allowing me to review a prescription pair of these wonderful contact lenses! I really never thought we’d see this technology so soon but it appears once again the engineers and doctors of Axon Optics have our backs!

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Glaucoma Through Rosy Glasses

Originally posted on Jaimee's blog:

glaucoma jaimee Axon optics fl-41 lenses glaucoma jaimee fl-41 lenses axon optics natural migraine relief therapeutic

It all started with a pretty little halo of rainbows around lights at night.  My neurologist thought I was having a new type of migraine (oh, joy!).  But what we thought may be an infrequent, new-fangled migraine symptom turned out to be something called Angle-Closure Glaucoma.  It’s fairly rare and apparently very serious, which explains how I ended up with my first surgery scheduled for just a few days after the initial diagnosis.

The surgery (I had two of them, one in each eye), known as peripheral iridotomy, immediately decreased the pressure in my eyes and I am so thankful that the disease was caught before it became advanced.  But I have had some ongoing issues related to the surgery, including extreme sensitivity to light, glare or ghosting, and dry eyes.

Since I know that bright lights and glare while driving are already a migraine trigger for me, I knew I needed to figure out a way to take care of my eyes and minimize these side effects of the glaucoma surgeries, which led me to look into Axon Optics’ FL-41 glasses as a potential solution for what I was experiencing.  glaucoma

I’m so glad I did!  These Petite Wayfarers with anti-glare, anti-smudge coating have made a drastic difference in how glaucoma affects my life.  I can drive at night again without painful glare from headlights and streetlights.  I can work at the computer without the white, horizontal line of light (ghosting) caused by the extra hole in my iris.  I can watch television in a dark room without squinting.  I have gone from using my dry-eye drops 3-4 times per day to maybe once per week.  Glaucoma definitely looks better through rosy glasses!  Thanks, Axon Optics!


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Surviving Chronic Pain with Seizonsha

axon optics seizonsha migraineur misfits  fl-41

Gueneviere "Seizonsha"

Hello!  I'm a content creator admin at the Surviving Chronic Pain Facebook community. I’m also the volunteer founder of the Migraineur Misfits communities on Facebook .  I’ve founded a few blogs and twitter accounts as well.  I create the memes for the "Pain Tree" Series album and the "Stop the Stigma" Meme Collection album on the Surviving Chronic Pain page. I suffer from multiple disabilities, the most intense of which are chronic migraines, PTSD, severe anxiety, BiPolar II, and Degenerative Disk Disease (L1-L2 lumbar spine). After 3.5 years of being unable to work, I was finally approved last June for SSDI in New York State, and the fight was long and hard. I am 32.

Of the before mentioned disabilities, migraines are the most brutal for me personally. I have suffered from chronic intractable migraines (w/ and w/o aura, refractory w/ status) since I was 20. I had my first "real" attack when I was between 18-19. For almost 13 years now, I have suffered from this syndrome, and for over four years I have been unable to work due to the combined co-morbid disorders that coincide with it. I often feel alone and afraid of the world around me for physical reasons as well as emotional and psychological ones. There is still a social stigma about migraines where people think that they are only headaches, and they are not.

So where do we go when we feel like this? Whom do we turn to when no one seems to understand or try to care? Sometimes our family, friends, and co-workers get it and they give you space. Other times, they want you to just “act normal” and snap out of it. Sadly, that approach often never works because, you cannot tell your brain to stop making the vascular parts swell up or the nerves in the brain to reject the pressure. This condition cannot be cured with a ”mind over matter” attitude or lifestyle change.

We will try to educate those that think they have the answers to our “headaches” when they are not headaches at all, and seek the empathy that may never come. But the good news is that we develop a high level of tolerance for those that JUST DON’T GET IT and reach out to even more people struggling and writhing in their own grief, pain, and ostracism. We can show them that they are not alone. We are so many, but so few know the power of our unity. This disease does not need to destroy our minds and our lives. We are stronger and more powerful that this illness makes us appear.

Do not let anyone tell you that you are imagining your pain or need to ignore it, no matter what chronic pain you suffer from. It is real and we are here to help you through the dark parts and the beautiful ones – because migraines will not completely destroy our quality of life. They will train us to be more aware of those that do not care about our suffering. We can tell who genuinely cares and who just thinks we are malingerers, fakers, and losers.

Across the horizon, as the sun sets, there is always a glimmer of hope that a new day will be pain-free and life will not include ice packs, throwing up, missing work, screaming children, and a spouse that just refuses to understand. But when those people let us down, it is our job to still stay strong and educate the willing so that MAYBE this ignorance that surrounds chronic migraines will start to wane and dissipate.

We are in this struggle and working towards a revolution. A revolution to end the ignorance of those unaware of our nightmares and pain. This revolution can change the healthcare field forever. If we promise to make the misery visible. It’s okay that it is not always okay and pain creeps in at the worst possible times. It’s okay to cry and miss family gatherings because your anxiety has driven you into fear. What’s not okay is that all too often our family, friends, and coworkers don’t understand it. So, when you are well, tell them how that kind of treatment or attitude hurts and does not make you better. Those that DO care will be willing to hear you out and they will want to learn you story and help you identify triggers and find medications that work for you rather than treating you like you are nuts or just a liability.

You are worth a great deal, to yourself, your family, and those that love you and really want to see you get better or help you “ride through the agony” holding your hand. My message is that, at your darkest, most painful hour, your pain does not define you or defeat you. It empowers you and will make you stronger. Your willingness to fight for your life back will give you the hope you need to rise above the pain and be the best person you are capable of being.

Here's a link to a blog I wrote last year that I read often when I doubt myself and my inner strength: "Finding Nemo: I Never Saw a Wild Thing Sorry for Itself"

I am a work in progress. We can all learn and empower each other as sisters and brothers in pain. We are not alone and we can bond together for the advancement of making chronic migraines more visible to those that don’t even want to give us a passing glance. With our heads held high, we can still say, “Migraines are NOT just a headache! They are real, and I am a worthy person that deserves more than this and I will fight for a cure to make mine more manageable or at least stop their prevalence and invasiveness in my life.” Furthermore, my chronic pain does not define me, and I know that I am never alone thanks to the amazing volunteers and members from the Surviving Chronic Pain and Migraineur Misfits Facebook communities. I derive an immense amount of pleasure from helping others, and that alone makes every day worth looking forward to despite the daily battle with chronic pain. It's always a relief knowing there is a safe online environment to turn to when it seems that no one in our "everyday lives" truly understands. I look forward to promoting self-advocacy and spreading awareness together, this month, and all year.

~ Gueneviere "Seizonsha" © 2012-2014 (which is my screen name on the SCP page and means "survivor" in Japanese)

‪#‎migraine #‎headache – Help ‪#‎StoptheStigma

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Health Activist Michael Fernandez Reviews the Wrap7c


Migraine Activist, Blogger, and Health Advocate Michael Fernandez of Migraine Discussions reviewed our Wrap7c frame. 

Hello everyone. As many readers might’ve noticed, one of the few products advertised for the purpose of reducing migraines successfully are these FL-41 tinted lenses. Luckily, Axon carries an ever-growing line of magnificent frames. In the past I’ve tried both the Flex AX29’s and the Cover-Rx frame, both extremely comfortable!

Current Price of a Wrap7c w/ outdoor tint no coating: $176.00

Tested Configuration w/ Transitions: $326.00

However, today I am here with a review of not your everyday pair of Wrap7C’s but one with transition lenses and some really amazing special features for migraineurs!


mffblogwrap7c1 WEGO health award migraine fl-41 axon optics

The Wrap7C is a sporty, curved frame which is harder to cut prescriptions for as Virginia mentioned in our interview. I personally have always been a fan of this look even with the gasket in place these frames look phenomenal on the face and provide immense comfort from peripheral lighting! They also fit the face well- and that’s throughout me taking steroids so my face is swollen now! it fits comfortably prior to the high dosage of prednisone too!


wrap7c wego health activist award michael fernandez axon optics fl-41 natural migraine relief

What do I mean? I’m saying, is it safe to drop or sit on these frames? From my experiences, yes, they can take some abuse…but I’d never try it again. I value them too much. These glasses look just like normal sports glasses with the gasket removed as well, and the way that gasket is secured it’s a snug fit and won’t be falling out anywhere!


Michael Fernandez Wrap7c axon optics fl-41 tint natural migraine relief wego health awards

Ok this is where that felt gasket really comes into play along with the unique shape of the Wrap7C frames! The gasket provides flawless cushioning. I’ve fallen asleep with the frames on more times than I can count and that’s no exaggeration! My girlfriend found the same to be true for her Mistrals so Axon must be doing something right in terms of frame selection!

The felt gasket really allows the edges of the frame to contour to one’s face. However, they’re also quite good without the insert when one wants a more natural look. Not a soul could tell these were meant for migraines when I walked into my neurologist’s office without the liner one day. In fact, I got compliments on how cool they looked with that odd color rose lens!

Transition Lenses

This amazing feature allows for the glasses to transition from light to dark when one goes outdoors which is amazing. This technology has existed for lenses even at Costco for the longest time, but to see it with this rare tint?!?! I had to try them out and my my have they changed my world to a brighter place. I have 3-5 severe migraines a day so the outdoor tint and Cover-RX lens were my weapons of choice, but light leaks in the sides and bottom/top of those frames. The Wrap7C eliminates that problem and with this transition effect becomes the perfect pair of sporty physical therapy type frames for migraineurs out there! I personally love the light transition indoors for writing articles and reading my Kindle Paper White!



Sure with the Transitions these lenses will set you back a hefty sum. But how much do your preventative and emergency shots cost you? If you could cut down on your migraines with these glasses, you can free up a lot of cash. In the long run, these frames have certainly been a benefit to my family financially. Trust me, the initial investment is indeed worth it! Not to mention Axon Optics has Virginia, the most friendly sales manager you’ve ever met! The only issue I found (and this was sort of my fault) is that if you cry a lot from chronic pain, the gasket will start to separate from the foam. Just a head's up, it’s a small area that’s affected under my right eye. Keeping that in mind these are a solid 4/5.

Learn more here:

A video review and comparison with other Axon Optics frames is on the way just as soon as weather allows filming in the sun, lately it has just been too cold and snowy! I really want you all to see the transition effect in action! Look for a short review of the Mistrals by Venus which look amazing on women I must say. Keep your eye out for more product reviews coming your way to help prevent or endure that pesky migraine monster!

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