Dystonia Awareness, Chronic Illness, and Blepharospasm Advocate Lori on Axon Optics Lenses

Lori Fl-41 Axon Optics natural migraine relief blepharospasm transition lenses


Hi, my name is Lori.  I have Generalized Dystonia and Blepharospasm. I also am glued to a screen of some sort for 8-10 hr days, as I am an advocate for dystonia awareness and am the Administrator for a large support group on Facebook. It's not just the group which keeps me with my face constantly looking at my phone and laptop  - I've spent months developing social networking sites as well as making a website from scratch too!


I've had my transition Axon glasses for a few months now and I have written on Amazon about how amazing they are… Well, I'm not finished saying how amazing they are….a few days ago I forgot to have my glasses on while I was on a 10-hour website making spree. That night my eyes were bright red, all night they were burning and watering so badly.  I never slept and by morning both my eyes were swollen shut the entire next day. Which meant no work….I absolutely cannot work or use a computer without my glasses, they are necessary for me to do what I need to do and I need them from morning to night.


At first, I gushed about light sensitivity and how soothing they are to my eyes, my nervous system and being able to handle horrible bright stores. Well now it's way more than that! Without these glasses, I cannot help people. I cannot run a growing group AND a new Dystonia Awareness Social Media Nonprofit organization without them. These glasses literally allow me to provide education to the world, media outlets for others who suffer from dystonia to use for their own benefit and jobs for people who want to be active in advocacy as well.


When glasses affect over 1200 people a day and hopefully thousands one day, that's serious. To pursue my calling and overcome my disability to help others, something as simple to others like a pair of glasses, means the world to me and everyone who benefits from my ability to sit behind a computer screen.


Thank you for helping me be able to try to make a difference in this world of Dystonia and Blepharospasm.


Xoxo Lori


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10 Ways to Escape the Burden of a Hospital Stay

10 ways


Hospitals are typically not a joyful place to stay or visit.  I truly cannot believe I make it through some of my longer stays with all the noise, the complicated nature of my case, and the little sleep you tend to get as a migraineur in the hospital. Heck, anyone who is sensitive to noise and sound would certainly be uncomfortable in this awfully loud and bright setting.  If you don’t get a private room, then hope your roommate is discharged and you get some time alone. My last hospital stay was decent because I ended up with a good roommate. Carlos was an excellent young fellow who manages a local convenience store.

I promised to share with you, ladies and gentlemen, 10 ways to stay occupied throughout your hospital stay.  Here are my recommendations:


1. Bring your Chargers! Bring portable recharger(s) for your phone, tablet, and any other USB- based charging device. I personally bought two online from a company named Jackery one is small as my ring finger and carries 1 full iPhone charge maybe a little more, the other has 2 USB ports for simultaneous charging and carries enough charge for 3 whole phone charging cycles. For a device that will fit in one’s pocket that’s pretty darn good if you ask me and the batteries themselves charge quite quickly through a wall charger!


2. Music!  Bring music, whether an older CD player or a  tablet or phone with MP3 storage. Music is proven to help people who are sick.  I recommend reading about Oliver Sacks as he has delved deep into this subject. Personally I use the Bose 20i earphones as they have a mic and volume controls for my iPhone’s Pandora One program which I often use to listen to music. These particular earphones use a microphone to pick up outside noise and when turned on will block out as much noise as possible so much so that if the hospital or IV alarms aren’t going off right next to you everything is silent and peaceful, worth the hefty $300 price tag to me for that kind of relief.

3. Pay the small fee for hospital TV and phone.  You’ll feel better when family and friends can call you during your stay. TV and phone are great distractions.  Right now the World Cup is on and a lot of people are watching soccer – or as the rest of the world calls it appropriately in fact- football! This will take your mind off of some of your pain and relieve you of that cabin fever feeling for at least a few moments!


4. Keep a pair of sunglasses or FL-41 tinted light sensitivity specific frames around at all times! You never know when an IV med might trigger a migraine, or if an attack might just come on. Who knows, since it can easily happen with all the light and noise in the entire hospital. So personally, since I’m extremely sensitive to light almost all the time I wear FL-41 tinted lenses at ALL times. In fact, even when I sleep in the hospital I wear them because you often wake up to the bright lights being turned on for a new IV to be put in, blood draws daily, or to simply take my vitals at 5 or 6am. Either way, the sudden change from completely dark to daylight bright bothers me immensely so this tip is crucial to my own comfort in any hospital environment. I highly recommend the outdoor tint on a large pair of OverRX or Bora frames as they are perfect for anyone even remotely as sensitive as I am. A pair from the NeuroOpthamologists over at Axon Optics will change your life! Why large you ask? Well because it fits over more frames so you’ll always have more of a selection, and I say the outdoor tint because that’s what I use indoors as well on my worst migraine days, so I highly recommend it to everyone. Remember: your phone or laptop or tablet screen brightness can always be raised, but lowering it probably won’t help your eyes if you’re having a severe attack and are severely photophobic.


5. Don’t forget your home pillows and ice packs! There’s typically a patient fridge, so be sure to label them and put them in a ziplock that’s also doubly labeled with your name. Trust me, your home ice and gel packs are probably much better than anything they’ll offer at the local hospital. I recommend the pillows and perhaps even a blanket for comfort as well. DO NOT forget to wash it all as soon as you are discharged, put it in the hamper or your laundry along with all hospital worn clothes that very same day and wash it all as soon as you can. Don’t forget how many people go in and out these doors every day.

6. Yes, I know many hospitals now have hand sanitizer dispensers in the patients rooms. However, just to be safe, bring your own hand sanitizer and some body lotion with you. This will keep your skin from drying out whilst sitting on that same hospital bed for days, weeks, sometimes even months. I also recommend you bring baby wipes to keep clean in case you’re too weak to shower on occasion.


7. Stay hydrated! Even if you’re hooked up to an IV, that means nothing for a migraineur. Drink, drink, drink that water up as much as you can until you’re urinating regularly! It’s healthy for you and will keep you stretching your legs, so this is crucial especially to those like me with neuropathy who need the physical therapy and movement. This will help to prevent fluid build up and swelling as well, remember even if it hurts you MUST keep moving!


8. Bring your chronic pain or migraine journal! Dont forget to record all the information you get at the hospital, take advantage of a nurse taking your vitals often and record them with the time taken. Also record your current pain level, and the symptoms you’re experiencing at the time. This will greatly assist your doctor in a diagnosis and the longer and more accurate your diary is the better it will be as an asset in your medical care.


9. Bring and keep 2 lists of medications: the first of which should be from home, the second one should be what you’re taking on that specific hospital visit. This will help you greatly in deciding what to do and it’ll show your doctor that you’re a vigilant, intelligent, and reliable patient who genuinely does want to be helped as you’re keeping as much information as possible. Keep a paper and digital copy of this I highly suggest saving the list to your phone if at all possible!


10. Don’t bring your wheelchair if you can help it! Again I repeat the hospital is a germ filled place so don’t even bring a rollator if you can help that too or a walker. They will have this equipment at the ready so if you can make it inside with a cane please do so and avoid dirtying up all your home medical accessories. This goes doubly for chemo patients and those with autoimmune disorders. Yes it may be more comfortable what you’ve got at home but why dirty up your equipment when you can use theirs temporarily?


Those are my 10 tips to help you avoid a bad experience at the hospital. I have more, but we’ll save that for another time. I don’t want to overwhelm anyone with page and pages of must-do’s and don’ts just yet! Keep your devices clean by wiping them down with a sanitary towel every now and then it’s just alcohol based it won’t hurt. I hope this brightens up at least one persons hospital stay or at least prepares you. Later I may write about my hospital travel bag which is always kept packed and at the ready. Thank you for reading and I appreciate your time, and lastly good luck with your next hospital stay. I hope that it doesn’t last too long!

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TIME Magazine mentions Axon Optics

WOW! TIME Magazine's Online Edition Mentions Axon Optics as one of five 'weird' migraine treatments. Weird? We'll take it! Our tinted lenses are an innovative approach to the treatment of migraines and other light-sensitive chronic illnesses.

Read the Article Here.

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Chronic Illness Advocate, Journalist joins Axon Optics Team

VenusandMike19 2-6.jpg


What more can I say? Today I got a phone call from the research team at Axon Optics. My dream came true.  I am now an official employee at Axon Optics.  

Thank you, Axon Optics, for giving a chronically ill patient the chance to work from his computer both at the hospital and at home. We literally had the phone conference with the hospital bed phone as I’m still hospitalized with no release date.


I am thrilled!! I’ll be writing articles, answering customer questions, and sharing migraine-related articles on social media. This is ideal for me as I spend all day writing and using social media, between home and the hospital.  

To introduce myself to the Axon crowd, here’s some facts about me:


  • I was named 2013-2014 Rookie of the Year at WEGO Health’s Health Activist Awards, which has lead to speaking engagements and live Twitter chats.


  • To keep my mind stimulated, I write both an article and a poem each day.  I post them on my website, Migraine Discussions.  Visit my blog here: www.Migrainediscussions.com


  • I am a social media-based chronic illness advocate diagnosed with Terminal Stage 3 Churg Strauss Syndrome,  Daily Chronic Migraine,  Cluster Headache,  and Non Length Dependent Small Fiber Neuropathy.  Helping others is what keeps me fighting this terrible illness.


  • Since June is Migraine Awareness Month, I will be giving away a few pairs of glasses on my website.   I have styles for both men and women. Email your story to me, summarized in 2 paragraphs,  with a photo of yourself that I can post to my blog.  Please email to


I started having episodic migraines at age fourteen. Today,  my team of doctors believe I may have had them since infancy.  My average pain level is 8 on the 10 point pain scale.  I have lived with nonstop pain for the last two years!  Axon Optics lenses gave me my life back. Without them, I couldn’t write this article or look at any screen TV or laptop and wouldn’t go outside; I’d basically be living in a dark cave if it weren’t for these absolutely wonderful Axon FL-41 lenses – I love them! I love them so much.  These lenses aren't only helping people with migraines or chronic illnesses because they also help with general light sensitivity and eyestrain. My fiancée, caretaker, and co-blogger Venus wears a pair of their therapeutic mistral sunglasses.  My caretaker/RN Mom will get a pair soon for her fluorescent lights at work and to reduce migraines.  Even my grandparents are planning to get some!


I cannot end this article without thanking Axon Optics for this wonderful opportunity.   They lead by example in hiring the chronically ill.  They are a small research and development company that reinvests all of their profits into research. What more could you ask for?  I haven't been able to work in two and a half years and now I'm back to work doing something meaningful.  In my opinion it is a miracle,  a dream come true!

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Help! How can I tell if my Transitions have Axon Optics therapeutic tint?

Axon Optics natural migraine relief FL-41 lenses with transitions-logo-dark-blue

Axon Optics uses Transitions Brand lenses in our optical lab.  Every pair is hand-tinted and so variation may occur.  These are very complex lenses with multiple functions.  These lenses can take up to a month for us to produce, as most are made-to-order according to your specifications.  They may include:

UV Protection: All Axon Optics lenses provide full UVA/UVB protection, making them superior sunglasses.  

Polycarbonate or CR-39: We use high-grade plastic composites instead of glass to reduce the risk of shattering.  If you have a very strong prescription, we may need to upgrade to a high-index material.  High-index materials are stronger, but more expensive both to purchase and to process.    

Add a prescription: We can add your prescription to the lenses.  The cost depends on your prescription and other lens options.  

Our tint: Axon Optics' proprietary version of the FL-41 tint has been clinically proven not only to work, but to work better than other tints and other versions of this tint.  Our therapeutic tint will appear as a light pink on the surface of your Transitions lenses, which will darken to a deep purple.  The tint is providing natural migraine relief whether you are indoors our outdoors, and does not change its effectiveness when the Transitions element activates or deactivates.

Add a coating:  Our default lenses are uncoated.  Most eye doctors strongly recommend adding an  anti-glare anti-smudge coating to the outside of your lenses.  Our anti-glare anti-smudge premium coating is an optical standard; if you've worn prescription lenses before, you have probably had this coating on your lenses.  Anti-glare anti-smudge coating renders light-sensitivity lenses more effective by reducing overall exposure to ultra-bright lights, glare, and reflections.  The coating also protects against smudges, moisture, and scratches. This is a great way to protect your investment.  

Note that due to the unique handmade nature of these lenses, tint color and darkness achieved may vary.  This variation increases with time of day, weather, and season, so it is a good idea to compare darkness in both full and partial sun.  Be sure to leave your lenses outside long enough to see just how dark they go – you'll be amazed how clear the view is when you put them on.  

This batch of glasses happened to be consistent, with all being pale pink indoors and nearly black outdoors:

Axon Optics Natural Migraine Relief FL-41 Tinted Lenses Indoor  DSC_0041


As you can see, variation does exist among pairs.  All of these seem to have our tint, but the one pair appears to have a defective transitions element within.  Can you guess which one it is?  The light pink pair in the center clearly had our tint, but fails to darken in full sun.  If you're not sure about your pair, don't hesitate to contact us!

Axon Optics Natural Migraine relief transitions lineup FL-41




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Chronic Migraines Stopped me from Going Almost Anywhere

I have lived with Chronic Daily Migraine for over 25 years. They are very debilitating. One thing that I cannot handle, is being in florescent lighting. And it is nearly impossible to go anywhere at all thee days, and not come in contact with florescent lighting. Even Computer screens do a number on me. I have tried tinted lenses to lessen the exposure to these bright lights. I've tried many different tints from 3 different eye doctors, to no avail.

Being the persistent person that I am, I didn't give up. I came across Axon Optics while searching online for Migraine tints. I ordered a pair of tinted readers and now can't be without them. If I leave them at home by accident, I will get a migraine. I still get chronic daily migraines and probably always will, but at least this particular trigger is helped so much by my tinted readers from Axon Optics. So, my advice is to not waste your time getting just any tinted lenses for migraine light sensitivity. Get the right tint. This company knows their stuff. I used to think eye doctors would know more about migraine tints than some company. Wrong!

I found that Axon Optics has done extensive research to create just the right tints for those with light sensitivity due to a host of diseases. I wish I would have known a long time ago about this company. I could have saved a lot of time and money, had I gone right to Axon Optics. Their products are high quality. Not junk. They put a lot of pride into their products and they stand behind them. I am not associated with this company in any way. I am just one happy customer who wanted to share her experience and help others. Their customer service is excellent; which is extremely important to me. Thank you, Axon Optics, for helping me. God Bless you.

Theresa W.

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How FL-41 Glasses Provide Natural Migraine Relief

The creator of the FL-41 glasses, Axon Optics, has recently released their new innovative glass wear that provides natural migraine relief to many different headache sufferers. Because of the technologies that are part of the FL-41 eyeglasses, critics believe that these innovations are one of the top four inventions that have the potential to increase the life quality of millions of people every year.

The researchers at Axon Optics associate a light sensitivity condition called photophobia to more than 90% of migraine sufferers. The new natural migraine relief glasses utilize a specialized lens coating that deflects the light that causes migraines. Because of the unique ability of the FL-41 glasses, optics developer Steve Blair was able to demonstrate the different capabilities of the eyewear to a panel of judges at the Innovation Idol: Superhero Edition. Interestingly, one of the judges, Brady Canfield, was already wearing the FL-41 glasses during the presentation.

What is Photophobia?

Photophobia is a relatively common condition that occurs due to oversensitivity when the eye is exposed to light. This light exposure ends up causing pain in the eyes due to this physical sensation. Scientists believe there are a variety of situations that lead to photophobia including excessive response in the nervous system and overstimulation of the photoreceptors in the retina. As for the cause of photophobia, it has been linked to everything from corneal dystrophy and pink eye to dyslexia and autism. While the solution to photophobia is to avoid room lights and sunlight, clearly this is simply not practical for day to day life.

Benefit of the FL-41 Glasses

The research that was conducted at the Eye Center illustrates that the tint featured in the FL-41 does decrease a person’s sensitivity to light. Acting as a natural migraine relief provider, these glasses are definitely one of a kind. Because of the unique ability to decrease headaches offered by these glasses, Axon Optics has already released their next generation of newly enhanced migraine preventative lenses. They are also currently in the process of creating contact lenses that will be able to decrease light sensitivity.

The Transformative Nature of the Glasses: One Customer’s Story

While some scientists and optometrists debate the true relief that the FL-41 glasses provide and the ability to offer natural migraine relief, many patients and owners of the glasses strongly believe that the technologies produced by Axon Optics has decreased their migraines. In fact, one of Axon Optics customers wrote an inspirational email praising the amazing glasses.

In the email, the customer spoke about her long battle with photophobia. Immediately after using the glasses, she experienced instant migraine relief and was able to function without having to pull the blinds down in the house or wait for the sun to do down. Even during the nighttime, the customer was not able to use full wattage light bulbs. Instead, low wattage lights had to be utilized. Now, with the assistance of the FL-41 glasses, she is able to live her life normally.

Regardless of what triggers a migraine, it is important to effectively treat this debilitating condition. Through the power of the FL-41 glasses, truly natural migraine relief is finally widely available.

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Order Times, Duties and Import Taxes for International Customers

Let's imagine you are having a migraine. You've researched FL-41 Lenses, Natural Migraine Relief, Homeopathic Remedies, and Axon Optics. This time, your migraine is so severe that you decide to take a risk and try them out. You are relieved to see that we offer international shipping, and you place an order. Then, you wait.

waiting on Axon Optics fl-41 lenses natural migraine relief 

So, how long does an order take?

Some of our most popular styles are premade and available to ship directly from our inventory. We ship from Utah, California, and New York to best serve you. We'll send the fastest possible pair. If we don't have your style in stock, or you've placed a custom order, then the lenses will need to be made in our lab. All of our lenses are handmade in our lab. Different lens types require different processes, each with different turnaround times. A non-prescription pair takes an average of three days to make. Anti-Glare Anti-Smudge coating adds another 3 – 4 days. Prescriptions, transitions, polarization, and other special treatments add several days each. Please note that these times are merely averages; actual times depend on the individual lens, lab volume, and the rigorous QA process. If the lenses aren't top notch, we remake them.

Public Domain Calendar Axon optics FL-41 natural migraine relief lenses waiting

If you placed your own order online, you'll get a tracking number once they lenses have shipped. You will receive an order confirmation email. Unless there are issues, we won't contact you again until your lenses have shipped. There is no need to contact us. If you've paid for UPS 2nd Day shipping, the lenses will be sent via UPS. Expedited shipping only occurs after the lenses are made and does not guarantee immediate shipment.

I can't emphasize this enough: don't wait until you're having a migraine to order!

If you've placed an international order, be prepared for the possibility of import duties (taxes). Every country in the world has its own taxation system; most countries will charge you a tax to import products from other countries. Customs may charge you a fee, which depends on your local laws. This is entirely separate from us. For more information on import duties, taxes, and the specific laws in yoru country, please visit:


Earth International Shipping Axon Optics FL-41 Natural Migraine Relief

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Frustration: The Face of Chronic Illness


Axon Optics FL-41 Natural Migraine Relief Mount Sinai Hospital Frustration2 


This is me.  I'm at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Manhattan's Upper East Side.  I'm frustrated because I can't find my friend Michael Fernandez.  I have the room number, but it was a utility room.  The receptionist/security guard was completely confused by my request.  He thought I was in the wrong building, or perhaps had the wrong name.  I showed him the texts.  Then he got suspicious.  "Do you actually know this person?"  He asked me, skeptical.  I was nervous and stumbled through my answer.  "He's a friend of mine, a co-worker, really.  He's here for IVIG treatments and I'd really like to see him."  The receptionist asserted that I had to know the department number or the building, because that room did not exist.  There was no 'F' wing in this hospital.


Now, let me preface this by explaining all the problems I had that day: it was snowing, I was having insomnia with a background migraine, feeling too sick to eat, and my prescription Axon Optics lenses were in the shop.  I had a choice to wear my prescription untinted lenses, or a pair of non-prescription ones with the tint.  I'm our main product tester, so I opted for a pair of our non-RX lenses in an upcoming frame.  It was a tough choice, but I selected the Non-RX Axons.  I'd rather have protection from hospital and subway fluorescent lights than be able to read.  I am aware that it's a pathetic choice to be forced to make, but most people won't be so lucky.  I'm fortunate enough to have access to therapeutic non-RX lenses when my normal ones are being repaired.


I sat at a table in the cafe area with my boyfriend, Joe.  Joe supports me in my hectic lifestyle.  He knows Axon Optics and its products almost as well as I do.  Working for a high-tech venture startup is a big commitment, especially in the medical field.  I had far too much to carry, so he's joined me on the 90-minute journey here today.  We brought some new lightweight Cover-RX prototypes and a sweet new aviator frame with a base curve of 8 (more like a wraparound than eyeglasses).  Michael's no stranger to our full line of products, and is a great product tester.  These new Cover-RX may be lightweight enough for my most allodynic customers if they work.  I brought a ton of magazines because anyone who has spent time in the hospital knows how boring it is.  Not only for Michael, but for his wonderful RN mother and caretaker Alicia, and his brave young fiancee Venus.  The families of people with Chronic Illness are as affected as the family members with the illness themselves.  Family may not feel the same pain, but they stand alongside us in the emotional struggle.  They may even feel guilt in their desire to empathize with the cruel nature of chronic illness.


I don't have a smartphone.  I know I should get one.  I want a tablet for work, but I know I couldn't resist using it on the train.  That leads to trouble.  A smartphone could double as a tablet and a phone in my pocket.  I know how much it would help me, every time I'm lost or need to view a website.  But I look around and everyone's buried in their devices.  I know I will have to do it eventually, but I just can't bring myself to do it yet.  Once you go forward, you can never go back.

  FL-41 Lenses Axon Optics Migraine Mount Sinai Hospital Natural Migraine Relief 5


On this particular day, I find myself punching tiny numbers on my tiny dumbphone, trying to get Facebook to load in my web browser.  I need to contact Michael so I can find him.  I finally log in – he repeats the location information, and says Venus will come down to get me.  I was embarrassed that I couldn't find it myself.  Am I seriously so frazzled that I can't solve this problem?  Venus is probably rolling her eyes, riding down some elevator so close it's embarrassing.  I can feel myself starting to blush in advance.  I’m feeling really dumb.  I need to be lead to a room?  Now I’m flustered, but I wait.  Nothing happens.  I ask Michael if we can switch to texting.


We talk a little more and I realize that Michael isn't here.  He had routine IVIG treatment scheduled at Mt. Sinai Hospital.  He was going to be there for five days, at which time we'd meet up and I'd give him a care package, and we'd take some photos.  We failed to take press photos the time he originally interviewed me because we both forgot due to migraines!  On his way to Mt. Sinai, his condition suddenly worsened and they had to take him to the nearest hospital.  He was in South Nassau Community Hospital, which is why the wing and room number did not exist here.  He would not have made it all the way to Mt. Sinai; he would have died along the way.


Michael felt terrible about our missed meeting.  He apologized to me profusely.   He nearly died on the way to our failed meeting.  Hours later, he was given a terminal diagnosis.  He was still worried about disappointing me, of all things!  I can't imagine how anyone could be mad at him in this situation.  I spread out the magazines on a nearby table at the hospital cafe and left.

 Axon Optics FL-41 Natural Migraine Relief Mount Sinai Hospital Frustration1 

It is so difficult for suffers of chronic illnesses to make plans.  Chronic Illness changes your life.  It becomes a priority that can arise at any time, and cannot be ignored.  I speak to people every day who have lost their jobs over their chronic illness.  Even in America, with all our fair labor practices and medical leave acts, you can still lose your job if you can't perform.  Michael and I both work from home offices, which minimizes the chance of illness interfering with work.  Chronic Illness cannot be stopped, though, and so any plan must change for its unwavering grasp.  All we can do is become more flexible, more strategic; we must change our personalities to become planners, if not so already.  We must make room in our lives for the possibility of debilitating pain and just navigate around it.  We must take every opportunity possible to achieve relief, and must be grateful for smooth plans and pain-free afternoons.  We're grateful for the simplicity of a regular day.  We battle for this simplest of rights, to exist in one’s own body.  This is a fight most will experience eventually, but cannot comprehend from the outside.  We cannot take for granted the peace of a day without pain.   We regard every day as a precious gift. In some ways, we're living life to its fullest.


I can't help but feel like everyone with a chronic illness is on a perpetual mission, chasing health.  They're hunting for relief with everything they've got.  Just like I'm hunting for Michael, and he's hunting for me.  I felt so accomplished when I finally arrived at Mount Sinai Hospital.  Little did I know, the journey had only just begun.  It feels like when you beat a level in the original Super Mario Brothers game for Nintendo.  You've just defeated Bowser.  You race to the next room to save Princess Toadstool, only to discover she isn't there.  We are always in pursuit.

Chronic Illness is like Super Mario Brothers Axon Optics FL-41 Natural Migraine Relief

Thanks to Michael Fernandez, Venus Hercules, Alicia Fernandez, the kind staff at Mount Sinai Hospital, Joe, and Nintendo.  Nintendo owns the copyright for the screenshot of Super Mario Brothers.  I have used the image merely to illustrate a point.  



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The Amazing FL-41 Transformation of Axon Optics Transitions Lenses

Recently, I took all four of our tints outside to compare. It was a sunny winter day. There is no finer time to photograph our lenses, as flash and color correction affect the way our lenses look on camera.  The results were shocking: our transitions lenses are both lighter than our indoor tint, and become darker than our darkest polarized lens.

First, know that these photos are completely unretouched.  These are pictures of the Geek Chic 71 frame with my prescription Transitions and Anti-Glare Anti-Smudge Coating as seen at the computer.  I highly recommend Anti-Glare Anti-Smudge coating.  You can see the blue-green sheen of the coating at work in the monitor reflection:

Geek Chic 71 Transitions Anti-Glare Anti-Smudge Axon Optics


Next, I went to a room with ambient light from the windows.  I had a hard time finding light that would create glare.  I had to stand in my kitchen and stare up at the lights.  The first picture shows the lenses indoors in ambient light, without glare; the second picture shows the lenses directly facing a bright overhead light.  The third picture zooms in on that glare-fighting power!

Axon Optics Transitions Lenses and Anti-Glare Anti-Smudge Coating

Incredibly, these lenses turn very dark outdoors.  When you're looking through them, your eye adapts to the darkness.  You may not even notice that it's gone dark – I often have to check my reflection or as a friend.  

Transitions Axon Optics FL-41 Lenses in Full Sunlight



How do our Transitions lenses stand up to the sun itself?  Incredibly well!  Amazingly, I was able to capture the difference on camera:

Axon Optics Transitions Lenses fl-41 direct sunlight

Our transitions are $100 more than our regular lenses and should be considered an investment.  I highly recommend purchasing our Anti-Glare Anti-Smudge coating to protect your investment as well as for its light-fighting properties.  Most people begin saving money immediately after purchasing our lenses, as the lenses cut down dramatically on the need for rescue medications.  Now that's something to smile about!  Step into the light again with Axon Optics. 



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