Order Times, Duties and Import Taxes for International Customers

Let's imagine you are having a migraine. You've researched FL-41 Lenses, Natural Migraine Relief, Homeopathic Remedies, and Axon Optics. This time, your migraine is so severe that you decide to take a risk and try them out. You are relieved to see that we offer international shipping, and you place an order. Then, you wait.

waiting on Axon Optics fl-41 lenses natural migraine relief 

So, how long does an order take?

Some of our most popular styles are premade and available to ship directly from our inventory. We ship from Utah, California, and New York to best serve you. We'll send the fastest possible pair. If we don't have your style in stock, or you've placed a custom order, then the lenses will need to be made in our lab. All of our lenses are handmade in our lab. Different lens types require different processes, each with different turnaround times. A non-prescription pair takes an average of three days to make. Anti-Glare Anti-Smudge coating adds another 3 – 4 days. Prescriptions, transitions, polarization, and other special treatments add several days each. Please note that these times are merely averages; actual times depend on the individual lens, lab volume, and the rigorous QA process. If the lenses aren't top notch, we remake them.

Public Domain Calendar Axon optics FL-41 natural migraine relief lenses waiting

If you placed your own order online, you'll get a tracking number once they lenses have shipped. You will receive an order confirmation email. Unless there are issues, we won't contact you again until your lenses have shipped. There is no need to contact us. If you've paid for UPS 2nd Day shipping, the lenses will be sent via UPS. Expedited shipping only occurs after the lenses are made and does not guarantee immediate shipment.

I can't emphasize this enough: don't wait until you're having a migraine to order!

If you've placed an international order, be prepared for the possibility of import duties (taxes). Every country in the world has its own taxation system; most countries will charge you a tax to import products from other countries. Customs may charge you a fee, which depends on your local laws. This is entirely separate from us. For more information on import duties, taxes, and the specific laws in yoru country, please visit:


Earth International Shipping Axon Optics FL-41 Natural Migraine Relief

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Frustration: The Face of Chronic Illness


Axon Optics FL-41 Natural Migraine Relief Mount Sinai Hospital Frustration2 


This is me.  I'm at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Manhattan's Upper East Side.  I'm frustrated because I can't find my friend Michael Fernandez.  I have the room number, but it was a utility room.  The receptionist/security guard was completely confused by my request.  He thought I was in the wrong building, or perhaps had the wrong name.  I showed him the texts.  Then he got suspicious.  "Do you actually know this person?"  He asked me, skeptical.  I was nervous and stumbled through my answer.  "He's a friend of mine, a co-worker, really.  He's here for IVIG treatments and I'd really like to see him."  The receptionist asserted that I had to know the department number or the building, because that room did not exist.  There was no 'F' wing in this hospital.


Now, let me preface this by explaining all the problems I had that day: it was snowing, I was having insomnia with a background migraine, feeling too sick to eat, and my prescription Axon Optics lenses were in the shop.  I had a choice to wear my prescription untinted lenses, or a pair of non-prescription ones with the tint.  I'm our main product tester, so I opted for a pair of our non-RX lenses in an upcoming frame.  It was a tough choice, but I selected the Non-RX Axons.  I'd rather have protection from hospital and subway fluorescent lights than be able to read.  I am aware that it's a pathetic choice to be forced to make, but most people won't be so lucky.  I'm fortunate enough to have access to therapeutic non-RX lenses when my normal ones are being repaired.


I sat at a table in the cafe area with my boyfriend, Joe.  Joe supports me in my hectic lifestyle.  He knows Axon Optics and its products almost as well as I do.  Working for a high-tech venture startup is a big commitment, especially in the medical field.  I had far too much to carry, so he's joined me on the 90-minute journey here today.  We brought some new lightweight Cover-RX prototypes and a sweet new aviator frame with a base curve of 8 (more like a wraparound than eyeglasses).  Michael's no stranger to our full line of products, and is a great product tester.  These new Cover-RX may be lightweight enough for my most allodynic customers if they work.  I brought a ton of magazines because anyone who has spent time in the hospital knows how boring it is.  Not only for Michael, but for his wonderful RN mother and caretaker Alicia, and his brave young fiancee Venus.  The families of people with Chronic Illness are as affected as the family members with the illness themselves.  Family may not feel the same pain, but they stand alongside us in the emotional struggle.  They may even feel guilt in their desire to empathize with the cruel nature of chronic illness.


I don't have a smartphone.  I know I should get one.  I want a tablet for work, but I know I couldn't resist using it on the train.  That leads to trouble.  A smartphone could double as a tablet and a phone in my pocket.  I know how much it would help me, every time I'm lost or need to view a website.  But I look around and everyone's buried in their devices.  I know I will have to do it eventually, but I just can't bring myself to do it yet.  Once you go forward, you can never go back.

  FL-41 Lenses Axon Optics Migraine Mount Sinai Hospital Natural Migraine Relief 5


On this particular day, I find myself punching tiny numbers on my tiny dumbphone, trying to get Facebook to load in my web browser.  I need to contact Michael so I can find him.  I finally log in – he repeats the location information, and says Venus will come down to get me.  I was embarrassed that I couldn't find it myself.  Am I seriously so frazzled that I can't solve this problem?  Venus is probably rolling her eyes, riding down some elevator so close it's embarrassing.  I can feel myself starting to blush in advance.  I’m feeling really dumb.  I need to be lead to a room?  Now I’m flustered, but I wait.  Nothing happens.  I ask Michael if we can switch to texting.


We talk a little more and I realize that Michael isn't here.  He had routine IVIG treatment scheduled at Mt. Sinai Hospital.  He was going to be there for five days, at which time we'd meet up and I'd give him a care package, and we'd take some photos.  We failed to take press photos the time he originally interviewed me because we both forgot due to migraines!  On his way to Mt. Sinai, his condition suddenly worsened and they had to take him to the nearest hospital.  He was in South Nassau Community Hospital, which is why the wing and room number did not exist here.  He would not have made it all the way to Mt. Sinai; he would have died along the way.


Michael felt terrible about our missed meeting.  He apologized to me profusely.   He nearly died on the way to our failed meeting.  Hours later, he was given a terminal diagnosis.  He was still worried about disappointing me, of all things!  I can't imagine how anyone could be mad at him in this situation.  I spread out the magazines on a nearby table at the hospital cafe and left.

 Axon Optics FL-41 Natural Migraine Relief Mount Sinai Hospital Frustration1 

It is so difficult for suffers of chronic illnesses to make plans.  Chronic Illness changes your life.  It becomes a priority that can arise at any time, and cannot be ignored.  I speak to people every day who have lost their jobs over their chronic illness.  Even in America, with all our fair labor practices and medical leave acts, you can still lose your job if you can't perform.  Michael and I both work from home offices, which minimizes the chance of illness interfering with work.  Chronic Illness cannot be stopped, though, and so any plan must change for its unwavering grasp.  All we can do is become more flexible, more strategic; we must change our personalities to become planners, if not so already.  We must make room in our lives for the possibility of debilitating pain and just navigate around it.  We must take every opportunity possible to achieve relief, and must be grateful for smooth plans and pain-free afternoons.  We're grateful for the simplicity of a regular day.  We battle for this simplest of rights, to exist in one’s own body.  This is a fight most will experience eventually, but cannot comprehend from the outside.  We cannot take for granted the peace of a day without pain.   We regard every day as a precious gift. In some ways, we're living life to its fullest.


I can't help but feel like everyone with a chronic illness is on a perpetual mission, chasing health.  They're hunting for relief with everything they've got.  Just like I'm hunting for Michael, and he's hunting for me.  I felt so accomplished when I finally arrived at Mount Sinai Hospital.  Little did I know, the journey had only just begun.  It feels like when you beat a level in the original Super Mario Brothers game for Nintendo.  You've just defeated Bowser.  You race to the next room to save Princess Toadstool, only to discover she isn't there.  We are always in pursuit.

Chronic Illness is like Super Mario Brothers Axon Optics FL-41 Natural Migraine Relief

Thanks to Michael Fernandez, Venus Hercules, Alicia Fernandez, the kind staff at Mount Sinai Hospital, Joe, and Nintendo.  Nintendo owns the copyright for the screenshot of Super Mario Brothers.  I have used the image merely to illustrate a point.  



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The Amazing FL-41 Transformation of Axon Optics Transitions Lenses

Recently, I took all four of our tints outside to compare. It was a sunny winter day. There is no finer time to photograph our lenses, as flash and color correction affect the way our lenses look on camera.  The results were shocking: our transitions lenses are both lighter than our indoor tint, and become darker than our darkest polarized lens.

First, know that these photos are completely unretouched.  These are pictures of the Geek Chic 71 frame with my prescription Transitions and Anti-Glare Anti-Smudge Coating as seen at the computer.  I highly recommend Anti-Glare Anti-Smudge coating.  You can see the blue-green sheen of the coating at work in the monitor reflection:

Geek Chic 71 Transitions Anti-Glare Anti-Smudge Axon Optics


Next, I went to a room with ambient light from the windows.  I had a hard time finding light that would create glare.  I had to stand in my kitchen and stare up at the lights.  The first picture shows the lenses indoors in ambient light, without glare; the second picture shows the lenses directly facing a bright overhead light.  The third picture zooms in on that glare-fighting power!

Axon Optics Transitions Lenses and Anti-Glare Anti-Smudge Coating

Incredibly, these lenses turn very dark outdoors.  When you're looking through them, your eye adapts to the darkness.  You may not even notice that it's gone dark – I often have to check my reflection or as a friend.  

Transitions Axon Optics FL-41 Lenses in Full Sunlight



How do our Transitions lenses stand up to the sun itself?  Incredibly well!  Amazingly, I was able to capture the difference on camera:

Axon Optics Transitions Lenses fl-41 direct sunlight

Our transitions are $100 more than our regular lenses and should be considered an investment.  I highly recommend purchasing our Anti-Glare Anti-Smudge coating to protect your investment as well as for its light-fighting properties.  Most people begin saving money immediately after purchasing our lenses, as the lenses cut down dramatically on the need for rescue medications.  Now that's something to smile about!  Step into the light again with Axon Optics. 



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I Love My Tinted Readers! They Stand Up to Florescent Lighting, Something Very Important to This Migraineur

Theresa Axon Optics FL41 Tinted Readers Migraine Relief Therapeutic Lenses4   

Axon Optics has been a answer to a prayer for me. I have chronic daily migraine and would get a painful migraine every time I would go to any store, doctor's appointments or even the ER, because of the bright florescent lighting that is commonplace these days. I remember reading years ago, about a migraine tint. So, I got tinted glasses at my eye doctor. But there was no change. I was so disappointed. They didn't help at all with my light sensitivity. So I tried a different tint. Still, nothing. It was so frustrating. I ended up trying several different tints from three different eye doctors.

One day I found a company called Axon Optics who carried tints created to help migraine sufferers in florescent and other bright light situations. I thought I would give them a try. Wow, am I ever glad that I did!

Don't waste your time like I did. Believe me, this company is the best out there. Their tint was the answer for me. Now I can go to the grocery store, the library, to a doctor's appointment, without getting a terrible migraine, due to the lighting. This has changed my life. I know I will always have chronic daily migraine, and I have many triggers, but my light sensitivity trigger has now been addressed and I cannot thank Axon Optics enough. God Bless.

Theresa W.

Theresa Axon Optics FL41 Tinted Readers Migraine Relief Therapeutic Lenses3 Theresa Axon Optics FL41 Tinted Readers Migraine Relief Therapeutic Lenses Theresa Axon Optics FL41 Tinted Readers Migraine Relief Therapeutic Lenses2

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Here’s to a soothing 2014!


Have a Happy and Healthy 2014!

We're looking forward to another great year.
Those of us at Axon Optics want to thank all of our customers and supporters for a fantastic 2013, and to let you know that Axon has a number of developments in store for 2014. Our motivation is to improve the lives of migraine sufferers, and this philosophy drives our company culture and focuses our on-going research and development activities. We're always on the lookout for new tools and products.

Are you using an app to help manage your migraines?
A number of migraine sufferers have benefited from apps and on-line tools specifically designed to help track and manage migraines. Since our therapeutic glasses are such an important weapon in managing migraines and photophobia, Axon will be teaming with leading developers in 2014 to help you obtain the most relief from your migraines.

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An Axon Christmas

axon xmas 

I've discovered there's something more important than a closet full of shoes…it's a drawer full of glasses. So far I have 6 pairs! Two of those are from Axon Optics with the special migraine tint. These are my most recent pair. They are absolutely amazing :) When I got them in the mail it was like opening a Christmas present to myself! In this first picture I just finished decorating the tree and was getting ready to wrap some presents. It's amazing how having a great pair of glasses helps with even the everyday events. They also help reduce glare from the TV and computer.


In this second picture I'm getting ready to head out Christmas shopping with my sister. Normally, I would do all my shopping on line, but thanks to this special migraine tint I was able to brave the malls :) For a few hours I felt like my old self.  In recent years I've struggled to get into the holiday spirit and even the little things seemed to be overwhelming. Thanks to my Axon Optics glasses I've been able to protect myself from bright light triggers and found myself enjoying Christmas again.

So if you haven't gotten a pair of these glasses yet then treat yourself to a Christmas present that will truly help you. 

-Shelly Dodge, Chronic Migraine Awareness


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Michael of Migraine Discussions Interviews Virginia


Recently, I had the privilege of being interviewed by Michael Fernandez, (Migraine Advocate, blogger, and founder of Migraine Discussions). Michael has been hard at work converting his advocacy blog into a full community for migraine sufferers.  We spoke for a full thirty minutes about our company background, the science behind our lenses, customization options, and the cost-effectivness of different migraine treatments. 


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Founder of Migraineur Misfits reviews Axon Optics’ wraparound frames

Seizonsha, Founder of Migrainsur Misfits, recently reviewed our indoor and outdoor lenses in our two main wraparound frames: The Wrap WGX and the Wrap 7C.   

She took an excellent photograph to visually compare the two frames and tints, with a description of each.

reviews axon optics

"Recently I decided to take a look at two types of glasses made by Axon Optics, designed for migraineurs. Here is an image of the two that I decided to try: The WRAP 7C and the WRAP WGX, both in the color brown. The WGX (left) is the outdoor version, which is darker, but both pairs use the 4L-41 tint to aid in preventing the pain associated with photophobia. "

~Seizonsha, Founder of Migraineur Misfits 

Photograph and editing done by Gueneviere W. for Migraineur Misfits

To read the full review, and connect with other migraineurs, visit the Migraineur Misfits Facebook Page here.  

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Chronic Migraine in America Survey 2013

chronic migraine

The results are in from Migraine.com's survey!

91.5% are light sensitive

90% go to a dark room for chronic migraine therapy

47.8% avoid medications due to cost 

Our lenses are an incredible deal when considering the cost of migraine medications and time lost from work.  One could argue that your free time is just as important, if not more so, than working hours.  Quality of Life is a big issue for migraineurs.  View the full survey results here.


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Long-Term Migraines and Light Sensitivity following a Brain Injury


Migraines and light sensitivity

Dear Axon Optics,

Thirteen years ago I suffered a brain injury. One of the long-term effects of this injury has been frequent severe migraines and light sensitivity. If you have ever been a victim to a migraine you know just how painful and inconvenient they are. For me they are often incapacitating. The sensitivity to light that they cause makes everyday life a struggle. I recently had a migraine, and tried axon optics glasses during its duration of a few days. They helped immensely with my light sensitivity. Since I could not afford to stay at home locked up in a dark room (though I wanted to) I wore them to help me tolerate indoor and outdoor light.

    I was highly impressed, not only did they make light less painful, they helped with the vision problems that occur during my migraines. They were lightweight and very comfortable, which means a lot to me being a deaf person who wears hearing aids. I was worried that they would be too dark to wear inside but I could see everything perfectly. They are a real lifesaver! I now wear them almost every day to help with overall sensitivity to light. And they are quite stylish. Thank you for this incredible product, I would recommend it to anyone with light sensitivity or migraine headaches.


Dany M

Salt Lake City, Utah


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