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Thousands of Axon Optics customers (and thousands of patients at the Moran Eye Center) have now used our therapeutic lenses for light sensitivity relief! We invite you to share your experiences with others who suffer from light sensitivity and/or migraine so that they know there is help available. We want to know what you like most about your glasses, and what you think other migraine, blepharospasm, or photophobia sufferers should know about them.  Click the button below: 


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Apr 04, 2015 by Jenifer

I was hesitant at first about getting my Axonoptics contacts because I thought surely they sounded to good to be true. However, I am thrilled to say I have been proven wrong. They are fantastic! They're even better than I could have ever dreamed. I have had my pair of contacts for nearly a year now.I used to get migraines at least 3 times a week before I got my Axonoptics but since getting them I get a migraine maybe once or twice a month. I strongly recommend that if you struggle with migraines that you at least give them a try. I feel sure you will love them to!

I sleep in them

Mar 01, 2015 by Jane

When I sleep in Axon Optics sunglasses, I am much less sensitive to my migraine triggers the next day. I don't get the same effect from an eye mask or blankets over my eyes - blocking just the painful part of the light seems to work better for me than trying to block all of it. I had almost-daily migraines before I got them - now almost none. I wear them to sleep every night. After using my sunglasses as a sleeping aid for about a year, I liked them so much that I got a 2nd pair for myself and a pair for my mom (she tried mine and loved them too). Wrap 7C is very comfortable to sleep in but I'm a back sleeper so that helps a bit too.

I can use the computer again!

Feb 26, 2015 by William

My wife ordered a pair of these for me after I had been complaining of severe headaches from being at school and work in fluorescent lights all day. Even worse if I had anything to do on the computer I could only tolerate a half-hour at most before my eyes just felt awful. The computer can still do it to me, but at least with these glasses I have enough time to get my work done. I used to come home and have to rest my eyes, take ibuprofen, and it was cutting into spending time with my daughter. I have that time back now and it's awesome!


Jan 02, 2015 by Justyna Horodyska

I am a migraine sufferer and a few months ago I purchased two sets of glasses from Axon Optics, for indoor and outdoor use. I find the glasses/lenses very beneficial when working on my computer or in a florescent light environment, as they help prevent migraines, if they not certainly reduce them.

Having now made two different orders from Axon Optics, I found the service I received to surpass my expectations. In my dealings with Axon Optics, in particular with Virginia and Lilli, they always kept me up to date with my orders and were very helpful answering any questions I had about their products / services.

If anyone is thinking of getting a pair of glasses, I highly recommend trying them.


Jul 22, 2014 by Anne Diehl

I'm so happy many of you have liked and enjoyed your Axon Optic glasses! I have had nothing but positive results from my glasses, too. Namely because of the amazing development of the FL-41 lenses used by Axon. For those of you that have been helped by these amazing lenses, spread the word to others you know that can be helped by the many choices of stylish frames and the FL-41 lenses for photophobia light sensitivity to sun, computers or even fluorescent lighting), blepharospasm (excessive blinking) and horrific migraines. They DO make a difference! With Axon Optic's guarantee, how can you NOT AFFORD to take a chance and at least try them? All you have to lose is a migraine if they work!

Facebook Review

Jun 02, 2014 by Vivian

I've dealt with a lot of companies and suppliers over the years, as a wholesale/retail business owner and as a consumer. Every now and then I consider myself fortunate enough to come across a company with outstanding products, reasonable prices, and customer service beyond comparison. Axon Optics is just such a company.
Virginia has been wonderful in terms of answering all of my questions via email, often with a response within less than 12 hours. When I was unsure of the type of lens I required, Virginia went above and beyond by sending me samples of each lens for me to "try." She also worked with me to handle all billing issues that I had. I've found my one source for eyeglasses, Axon Optics. I'll be touting your company to all of my migraineur friends and to my neurologist.
It's hard enough dealing with a chronic medical condition, and often this is exacerbated by dealing with medical companies, insurance, etc. Virginia and Axon Optics made my purchase as easy and hassle-free as possible. Thank you seems so paltry in return, but I thank you and look forward to buying all of my future eyewear from your company.


May 01, 2014 by Maureen

I have complicated migraines and blepharospasm. My eyes were blinking uncontrollably and my head and eyes always hurt from the light. I heard about these great glasses with a pink tint that were supposedly good for my conditions. I purchased Cocoons sunglasses to put over my existing prescription sunglasses to help with driving. They are fabulous! They wrap around so that the light from the side doesn't bother my eyes. My migraines as well as my blepharospasm have greatly improved. Light has always been a strong trigger. As long as I wear these glasses my eyes feel great. I would recommend them to anyone with migraines or blepharospasm.

needed relief while working

Apr 30, 2014 by joshua

hello i suffer from a neurlogical disorder named cervical dystonia i work a 12 hour day in front of a screen by wednesday i have horrible migranes that make work much more harder and just add to the pain im already in i now where the glasses all the time while at the screen i have the unisex fl41's and bingo i know longer have this prob with migranes but every once in a blue moon thank you AXON OPTICS

All AxonOptics

Apr 30, 2014 by Donald Arrigo

I suffer from Parkinson's Disease and Dystonia which is a little known movement disorder very similar to PD but even more painful.I bought three pairs of different types of glasses from this company and they are absolutely amazing.I suffer from migraines and my eyes are very sensitive to bright lights so I have the transitions and the sunglasses plus my favorite the readers to my specs that I have not taken off since I got them.Great products for the money I am grateful to AxonOptics.

Free at last

Jan 13, 2014 by Joyce Colosi

I wear my glasses every minute of my waking hours. Twice in the past 6 months of my purchase, I forgot to wear them. Once while watching TV and the second time while preparing dinner and momentarily glancing out the window. Both times my eyes caught the light and I immediately experienced a migraine.

I highly recommend these glasses if light. TV, computer use, etc. bring on an episode. I will definitely buy another pair in case I misplace the ones I have. These are priceless and have been a life saver. It's great not to live in fear of a migraine attack.

Thanks, Axon.

4.5 5.0 139 139 I was hesitant at first about getting my Axonoptics contacts because I thought surely they sounded to good to be true. However, I am thrilled to say I have been proven wrong. They Customer Experiences