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Studying in the Fishbowls – Avoiding migraines at school.

I call them fishbowls.

The 9 by 18 white tile rooms that library calls study rooms.  They’re fishbowls because they’re white walls on three sides with a forth wall of windows. When people walk by they can’t help but stare at you studying. It’s always awkward silent eye contact. I like them because they’re an escape. It’s the only place I have control over the lights. Those awful too bright humming lights. When I open the door, the lights flick on – motion detected. I flip them back off. I sit at the desk, watching people walk by. Light still washes in from the rest of the library. The significant change in light helps so much.

When my friend comes in, the lights flick on again, I groan.

“Headache?” she asks.

I nod my head in my hands.

“Don’t you have your glasses?” she asks me.

The Axon glasses for migraines. Yes! I do. I go for my bag and I automatically find them at the bottom. My little life savers. I put them on and my eyes stop hurting. It still amazes me. I sigh in relief. Everything is pink but it’s better than everything hurting.

“Ready to study for that test?” she asks. She walks over to the lights and gives me a look, asking if she can turn the lights on. I nod, she can.

“Yeah,” I reply and begin taking my notes out. I can finally study and not be in pain.

migraine treatment for studying or work

Emily writes more about her life with migraines at:  MoreThanAHeadache is an exploration of the impact of headaches, migraines and chronic pain on various aspects of life, co-morbid illnesses, diseases and conditions, stigma associated with these conditions, the road to recovery and management and of pain itself.

Axon Optics’ therapeutic lenses have been clinically shown to reduce the frequency and severity of migraines, Benign Essential Blepharospasm(BEB), and other conditions associated with light sensitivity (photophobia).

One thought on “Studying in the Fishbowls – Avoiding migraines at school.

  1. Abby says:

    Do I understand correctly that you do not prepare phitppjobia glasses for those of us wearing progressive trifocal lenses? But is this coating available through my usual optician?

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