Resolution 2013: A Year With Less Migraine, Photophobia, and Blepharospasm



Hello 2013!

The world didn’t end in 2012. We’re still here. Some of our problems change; some of them go away. Some of them remain. As we move into a new year, we often reflect on what we would like to change, and from it make a resolution.

What should my resolution be? To be Pain-Free in the New Year? That will never work. There will always be new and different kinds of pain. I can’t resolve to be Migraine-Free, either. Some triggers can’t be avoided. So here is a better resolution, one I can stick with: to prevent as many Migraines as possible by avoiding my triggers. I’ll try not to let the burdens of everyday life stress me out. I’ll be more diligent in avoiding gluten. I’ll be strong when everyone else is eating chicken nuggets. I’ll drink more water. I’ll sleep on a strict schedule. I’ll wear my Indoor glasses (the lighter version of Axon’s Therapeutic FL-41 Tint)  when I’m reading, shopping, or using the computer. I’ll wear my Axon sunglasses (a darker version of Axon’s Therapeutic FL-41 Tint) whenever I’m outside or in the middle of a migraine. I’ll keep eating well and getting exercise. It’s time to put my health first.

I hope that you’ll take care of yourselves. Be kind to the people you love. Be good to your body. Have fewer migraines, photophobic episodes, and blepharospasms. And have a wonderful, prosperous New Year!


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