Polarization Vs. Anti-Glare Coatings

Axon Optics offers transitions lenses and you can now custom order polarized lenses.

This has lead many people to ask what is Polarization, exactly, and how it is different than an Anti-Glare Coating. Are they the same?

These are actually different, and you can get an AR coating on the polarized lenses. The AR coating basically reduces glare and “ghost” images due to reflections at the lens surfaces. It works indoors and outdoors. 

Polarized lenses are primarily for outdoor use and are used to glare from smooth surfaces. As an example, if you look at a lake when the sun is low in the horizon, you’ll see a lot of glare.  Polarized lenses will reduce that glare. Same thing for glare from roads while driving.  Fishermen love polarized lenses because it helps them see through the surface of a lake or stream.

However, you cannot use polarized lenses at a computer because it creates distortion in the screens.  Polarized will make viewing your tablet or smartphone difficult.  Commercial airline pilots are not allowed to use polarized lenses because it may distort the vision from the windshield.

In short, get polarized for outdoor use to reduce glare off of flat surfaces.  Get anti-glare coatings on your glasses to reduce glare off of the glass on your lenses.

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2 thoughts on “Polarization Vs. Anti-Glare Coatings

  1. Alejandro Canavoso says:

    Hello i need a outdoor glasses, my friend Jorge Mauger buy this in your optic, but i have glaucoma and Photophobia (in one eye i see only the half), when i wear my friend lens I feel the outdoor color so much dark. So I need to buy some one with the outdoor frame, with indoor color and polarized its posible? thanks

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