Founder of Migraineur Misfits reviews Axon Optics’ wraparound frames


The Founder of Migrainsur Misfits recently reviewed our indoor and outdoor lenses in our two main wraparound frames: The Wrap WGX and the Wrap 7C.

She took an excellent photograph to visually compare the two frames and tints, with a description of each.

reviews axon optics


“Recently I decided to take a look at two types of glasses made by Axon Optics, designed for migraineurs. Here is an image of the two that I decided to try: The WRAP 7C and the WRAP WGX, both in the color brown. The WGX (left) is the outdoor version, which is darker, but both pairs use the FL-41 tint to aid in preventing the pain associated with photophobia. ”

Founder of Migraineur Misfits

Photograph and editing done by Migraineur Misfits

To read the full review, and connect with other migraineurs, visit the Migraineur Misfits Facebook Page here.  

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  1. "Seizonsha" December 2, 2013 Reply

    Thanks for the mention! Great glasses and I highly recommend them. Visit us at our page and help us spread awareness about migraines here

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