Here's to a soothing 2014! - Axon Optics

Here’s to a soothing 2014!

Have a Happy and Healthy 2014!

We’re looking forward to another great year.
Those of us at Axon Optics want to thank all of our customers and supporters for a fantastic 2013, and to let you know that Axon has a number of developments in store for 2014. Our motivation is to improve the lives of migraine sufferers, and this philosophy drives our company culture and focuses our on-going research and development activities. We’re always on the lookout for new tools and products.

Are you using an app to help manage your migraines?
A number of migraine sufferers have benefited from apps and on-line tools specifically designed to help track and manage migraines. Since our therapeutic glasses are such an important weapon in managing migraines and photophobia, Axon will be teaming with leading developers in 2014 to help you obtain the most relief from your migraines.

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