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2017 #MyMigraineStory Scholarship: Congratulations K. Higuchi of OU

No two migraines are the same and every migraineur has their own migraine story. This was the premise behind Axon Optic’s My Migraine Story Scholarship Program. This year we had more than one hundred entries.

There were so many inspiring stories in a number of different mediums. Some entrants wrote their stories, others recorded them on video, while others expressed it through their art. We laughed, we were in awe, and we even shed a tear as we poured over one exceptional entry after another.

But there can be only one winner.

My Migraine Story Scholarship Competition

As we reviewed the entries, we looked for originality, sincerity, and creativity, along with a compelling story that showed not only how the entrant is coping with migraines, but also how they are thriving in spite of them. We looked for stories that told how their migraines affected them and how they don’t let the pain hold them back from school, work, and life. We wanted to be inspired and these entries did not disappoint. It was a very tough job to find just one winner.

We narrowed the entries down, then narrowed them down again and found our winner. Congratulations to Ken Higuchi from the University of Oklahoma who inspired us with his migraine story. Ken struggles daily as his severe sensitivity to light often leads to migraines. He has to wear sunglasses most of the time, even indoors. Despite his challenges, he still strives to rise above his condition so that he can do something that will impact the world.

In his video submission, Ken said, “Fortunately, I have friends and family who understand my situation and are very supportive…Despite my disability though, I still am going to strive to become an academic scholar and I want to be someone who can impact the world positively.”

Way to go, Ken. We’re going be watching you; you are destined for great things!

My Migraine Story entries were inspiring

In the coming weeks we will be sharing some of the top entries of Axon’s My Migraine Story Scholarship competition, the moving art, the powerful essays, the clever videos – these are stories that need to be shared. Stay tuned and be prepared – you can’t walk away from an experience like this and not be affected.

Also, keep watching this blog because in the coming months we will be accepting entries once again for our 2018 My Migraine Story Scholarship Program. You can get the details here.

We all have a story; what’s yours?

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