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A Day at the Park without Light Sensitivity

Axon Optics doesn’t sell Extra-Large Cocoons Cover Frames anymore because they were too big for most people, but they do fit perfectly over my camera lens.  This is also a great opportunity to show you the kind of coverage our Cover Frames provide.  The shape provides protection from peripheral light, and the tint provides relief from light sensitivity.  I haven’t used my old sunglasses since I got my own pair of Cover Frames.  I wear the size that fits against my head best, but I’d want a larger size if I were going to wear them over my prescription.  To give you an idea of sizing, I did a test on myself.  The Medium Small is the size that fit like a normal sunglass, and Medium Large is the perfect fit-over for my prescription.    I’m 5’1″ tall, and my prescription frame fits well at 50-14-142.

I took two pair of Extra-Large Cocoons to the park with my camera.  The goal was to accurately photograph what it looks like through these lenses.  These photos have not been retouched in any way.  I wanted to show how these can reduce light sensitivity and the actual contrast between sunlight and our two tints.

Here’s a lovely day at the park without lenses.  The first photo is facing perpendicular to the sun; the second photo is facing the sun, which is blocked by a tree.  Also note that it’s a cool October day, so the sun would be more intense in the summer.

It’s a little bright for me.  I wouldn’t be able to stay out here long.  Luckily, I have two pair to choose from.  Which one should I choose?  Here’s what they look like in real light.


Let’s look at the indoor tint.  It looks pretty light for the outdoors, like a pair of mild sunglasses.  Let’s try them on.


Wow, the pink nearly disappears when I’m looking through these lenses.  These would be perfect for someone who has less light sensitivity, or who plans to use them indoors.  As you can see, the rosy tint quickly becomes negligible.  I’d prefer something darker for when I’m looking towards the sun.  Also note that the rosiness seems less severe when I’m facing the brighter light.


The sun is coming out from behind the tree.  Let’s try those Outdoor-tinted lenses.  The verdict: definitely rosy, but it’s so soothing that I don’t mind.


So which one is best for you?  It depends on your light sensitivity and where you’re planning to use your lenses most.  You may want a pair of each.

I was able to then take a slice of each one to make a truly authentic set of comparison images:

Perpendicular to the Sun, Above; Facing the Sun, Below:

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