A Letter From Anne - Axon Optics

A Letter From Anne – Migraine Relief Glasses

Natural Relief with Art Deco Migraine and Light Sensitivity Glasses
Dear Axon Optics,

I wish I had the words to adequately express how thankful I am for the combined efforts of all those responsible and for the countless hours put into studying and making the FL-41 lenses available for those of us who suffer so from photophobia, migraines, or Blepherospasm.  The technology of the sunglasses that completely block out the light such as the ones I have, Wrap 7C, have been so great and have taken a migraine coming on and warded it off if I will just lie down several times. I’ve been able to do this without those horrible meds I’ve had to take for so long. There’s hope and I’m so happy!

My story may be a bit different but in my early 20’s I was diagnosed with Lupus and along with this came terrible migraines and complete aversion to the sun. Axon’s glasses are the 1st ones that have helped me and I am now 50! I get teary when I think of how this will change my future.

You have no idea. I had to quit any activity I used to do. When the sun is your enemy because of a disease and then you are challenged with sensitivity from any other light source it makes things difficult. I was a tennis teacher and the lights indoors were impossible and outdoors in the sun and heat became far too unbearable! I am hopeful to maybe start up again and it’s ALL IN PART BECAUSE OF AXON OPTICS. I will forever be so so grateful.

Sincerely, Anne Diehl


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