Attending Retreat Migraine and Migraine World Summit - Axon Optics

Attending Retreat Migraine and Migraine World Summit

Recently, people with migraine have had some excellent opportunities to learn and connect. This past weekend (April 12-14) Nicole and I attended Retreat Migraine, the first patient-focused conference for migraine.

One of my favorite sessions was led by Dr. Melissa Geraghty and Jaime Sanders, aka the MigraineDiva. They spoke on migraine and mental health. Jaime shared her mantra:

You are not your migraine

You are not your mental illness

You are uniquely made

You are who you are supposed to be right now in this time and space


You are worth loving yourself

Jaime Sanders

Retreat Migraine Speakers Dr. Melissa Geraghty and Jaime Sanders

Here is the full talk on migraine and mental health. You can find it and more posted on the CHAMP – Coalition For Headache And Migraine Patients Facebook page:

We had a chance to speak with many attendees and organizers of the event because we had a small table to let people try on our eyewear and also our supplements. We enjoyed getting to know so many of our Axon users and seeing some of them tag us at the event.

Axon Optics users showing off their frames.

In March, Lori attended the Migraine World Summit in Los Angeles. It’s a free online event featuring dozens of migraine experts. Check it out at

If you want more information on upcoming events and organizations, check out the organization behind Retreat Migraine:

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