Award-Winning Copywriter reviews our Cover-RX Migraine Sunglasses - Axon Optics

Award-Winning Copywriter reviews our Cover-RX Migraine Sunglasses

Robert Kaye reviews Cover-RX sunglasses from Axon Optics

by Award-winning Copywriter & Editor Robert Kaye

The Cover-RX Migraine Sunglasses is a fairly high-end fitover sunglass frame designed to cover one’s normal glasses. Unless one has very large, plastic designer frames, this model will probably accommodate most pairs of prescription glasses. The frames are strong, yet comfortably light, and, with their side ports, are designed to block glare coming in from the sides of your eyes. See my comments below re: migraines.


Cover-RX Glasses Pros:

  • Overall, the sunglasses are very comfortable, yet rugged.
  • While somewhat bulkier than most sunglasses, once on your face, it’s easy to get used to wearing them.
  • The therapeutic FL-41 tinted plastic lens does a very good job at diminishing glare from direct sunlight and from reflected surfaces.
  • The soft shell carrying case is cleverly designed with its own carabiner-like hook as well as a snug plastic flap to secure them to a shirt pocket.
  • The lenses clean easily; just as with prescription glasses, a soft, silk cloth does the trick.

Cover-RX Glasses Cons:

  • Due to their inherent design (to fit over one’s existing glasses), they’re decidedly bulky. That is, they don’t fit easily into a shirt pocket. Ditto with the carrying case. This can be a hassle if you’re walking around in an environment where you have to take them on and off frequently. Where to put them?
  • It may just due to the color of my lenses, but oftentimes, certain colors and images — particularly from green LEDs and other lights (as in my car’s dashboard controls) are somewhat obscured when wearing the glasses. Ditto with the screen on my smartphone; it’s harder to see when wearing the Cover-RX.

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