Axon Optics vs Sunglasses for Indoor Use

Have you been wearing sunglasses inside to help with light sensitivity? Stop. The evidence says you’re probably making your light sensitivity worse.¹

Instead of sunglasses, wear Axon Optics glasses indoors. They're specifically designed to be worn inside, and with a healthy lifestyle, may help those living with light sensitivity, including migraine.

Jaclyn told us, “They work amazing! I love that they aren’t sunglasses so my eyes are still adjusted to the light but they filter the light perfectly to reduce eye straining.”

See why Axon Optics glasses are so much better than regular sunglasses indoors.

Unlike Sunglasses, Axon Optics Won’t Make Your Light Sensitivity Worse

Axon Indoor vs Sunglasses (800 x 450 px)

Sunglasses are too dark to be worn inside.² Wearing them puts you at risk for dark adapting your eyes. It’s like going to a Saturday matinee movie. After your eyes adapt to the dark theater, the sunlight outside feels excessively bright and much more painful.

With our glasses, you don’t run that risk. Some people may call Axon Optics “indoor sunglasses” because they’re much lighter in color than dark outdoor sunglasses. But actually, they’re not sunglasses at all (though we make those, too — for outside).

These glasses allow me to coexist with the rest of my household in sunny spaces. We can have the curtains open and I don't have to go elsewhere to sit in the dark or put on my super dark sunglasses.

-Gail S. from Oregon

Instead of Blocking ALL Wavelengths Like Sunglasses, Axon Optics Let the Good Light Through

Axon Optics Let's in Good Light, Sunglasses Don't

Not all light is bad. Some types of light actually help your symptoms of light sensitivity. However, sunglasses block ALL wavelengths of light. If you’re light sensitive, you don’t want to block all light for the reasons we already mentioned.
Fortunately, Axon Optics allows the good light (green light) to pass through, blocking only the specific wavelengths of light that aggravate light sensitivity (namely blue and amber).³

I went from having all the blinds in my office closed, lights off, wearing sunglasses, and still squinting at my computer screen and walking down the hallways at work with my eyes halfway closed to being able to tolerate fluorescent lights, focus on my computer screen, open my blinds, and can multi-task better now that I’m not constantly focusing on light and the pain it causes.

-Andrea D. from Canada

Axon Optics are a long term solution, sunglasses aren't

Sunglasses have not been shown to reduce symptoms of migraine or light sensitivity. Fortunately, Axon Optics are specifically designed to filter out harmful wavelengths of light while letting the good light in. Along with a healthy lifestyle, Axon Optics may help those living with migraine and light sensitivity.

My daughter was dealing with a concussion and had light sensitivity. She was wearing sunglasses inside at school because the fluorescent lights were giving her headaches. She now wears the Axon indoor glasses and they are working great for her. Thanks!

-Tina M. from New Jersey

When You Wear Sunglasses Inside, People Wonder What You’re Trying to Hide — Let Them See Your Eyes With Axon Optics

Axon Optics Let's People See your Eyes, Sunglasses Hide them

What are you hiding? Are you walking the red carpet or getting ready to rob the place? When you’re wearing sunglasses indoors, other people might wonder.

Marguerite is excited to avoid these questions, “I have been wearing sunglasses in stores, restaurants etc for seven years now. So I was quite surprised to find glasses that I could wear indoors where people could actually see my eyes and I could see items in real light. I love these glasses and am thrilled to look normal again indoors.”

Axon Lenses Reflect Less Painful Glare into Your Eyes

Axon Optics reflects less glare than Sunglasses

How annoying is it when sunlight reflects off your glasses into your eyes? This can aggravate light sensitivity, making you suffer more, not less. Lucky for you, our premium anti-glare coatings mean that Axon Optics sunglasses reflect less than 0.2% percent of the light.

Many sunglasses don’t have anti-reflective coatings. This missing layer of protection — combined with blocking too much of some light — may cause you to see your own eyes reflected in the lenses. Probably not what you had in mind.

Axon Optics offers protection, not reflection.

These have made a HUGE difference while being outside in the sun!!! I absolutely love them!! I was a big wearer of darker sunglasses and tried the [Axon Optics] Luna side by side, and could feel pressure in head build when putting the darker sunglasses on.

-Ranae B. from Kansas

Axon Optics Lenses are Consistent in Quality

Just as they have many names and types, sunglasses vary from pair to pair as to the type of light they block. Unless you have a spectrometer to measure them, you don’t really know what you’re getting!

Well, we DO have a spectrometer, and here’s what we found whenever we’ve measured different brands of sunglasses.

Axon Optics are more consistent than sunglasses

I had a workplace accident that left me with a slight loss of vision but severely photophobic, to the point I could not handle any form of light hitting my eyes. I was condemned to dark sunglasses all day and all night while my physicians tried to figure out a solution. I was informed of Axon Optics and purchased a pair of the glasses to try, I must say I was skeptical. I was wrong; the glasses worked tremendously… I finally feel like I have a piece of my life back that I had lost with my accident.

-Nathan M. from Canada

Axon Frames are High Quality

Have you ever bought sunglasses in a gas station or big box store checkout line? These “gas station” frames may be cheaper to make, but they’re definitely,

Axon Optics will never settle for cheap frames. We are dedicated to providing strong, comfortable, and lightweight frames that stand up to the quality of our lenses.

And with so many styles to choose from, you can wear our sunglasses with confidence (and probably compliments!).

Axon Optics are more consistent than sunglasses

They were very helpful and soothing and calming … no other pair of dark sunglasses work like these …. Highly recommend 🙂 

-Lisa G from Gorgia 

Axon Optics is the Original and Most Innovative Lens Manufacturer

The Axon Optics difference lies in our science, our ongoing research, and our ties to the medical community.

Portrait of Dr. Bradley Katz

Founding Scientific Team

Axon Optics was co-founded by Dr. Bradley Katz, neuro-ophthalmologist and photosensitivity scientist at the world-renowned Moran Eye Center at the University of Utah Hospital, with Dr. Steve Blair, a photonics researcher at the University of Utah.



Our founders have published many academic articles on light sensitivity and migraine.⁴ Dr. Katz has treated thousands of photosensitive patients.



In 2011, Axon Optics pioneered the idea of perfecting eyewear for migraine and photosensitivity and has continued to improve its lens over the past decade.

Your comfort is the most important thing.

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Know what you're getting. Get to know Axon Optics.

I didn’t realize how stressful bright light was, even though regular sunglasses, until I tried these. 

-Christopher C. from Louisiana  


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Axon Founder Publications

Lens Spectrum Comparison

Y axis – light transmission
X axis – light wavelength
Spectrum measured on 08/02/20 on BPI Spectrometer

Axon Optics


Axon lenses filter the painful light while letting enough light through to avoid making light sensitivity worse.


Sunglasses Spectrometer Reading

Sunglasses block too much light to be worn indoors.