Axon Optics Lenses Beat Sunglasses, Rose, or Grey Tints for Blepharospasm Relief.

Axon Optics Lenses Beat Sunglasses, Rose, or Grey Tints for Blepharospasm Relief.

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FL-41 is better than Rose or Grey Tints, and Axon’s Therapeutic FL-41 Tinted Lenses tops them all.

I participate on a number of message boards regarding light-sensitive disorders.  I’m a member of several different migraine groups online.  Occasionally, I find a question that nobody seems to answer, and I feel like the Teacher’s Pet.  I give the most thorough expert answer that I can, and hope that the moderators approve it before I go to bed.  I get excited to see the response finally posted to the message board.

This one comes from a message board, and I thought I’d share it with you.  It represents many of the questions I’ve answered from our customers as well as the Twitter and Facebook Community.

The question was as follows:

I have Benign Essential Blepharospasm.  Why FL-41 Rose?  Why would rose-tinted glasses help me?  Why wouldn’t grey or another color work just as well?  What about Anti-Glare?

First, let me clarify that FL-41 and Rose Tint are not the same.  They are both pink, but they aren’t performing the same action.  (Not all FL-41 Tints are Created Equal, either; read this.)  Neither Grey nor Rose tint works as well for Benign Essential Blepharospasm as an FL-41 Rose Tint.  The reason is because this tint blocks specific parts of the light spectrum that bother people who are light sensitive.

Anti-Glare blocks light from reflecting off your lenses.  FL-41 affects the light which passes through the lens to the eye.

There is a published study on this exact subject.  It’s got a long title:FL-41 Tint Improves Blink Frequency, Light Sensitivity, and Functional Limitations in Patients with Benign Essential Blepharospasm.

This article from the National Institute of Health can be found here:

Basically, they tested a grey tint, a rose tint, and an FL-41 Rose tint.  They conclude:

“The reason for the effectiveness of FL-41 lenses in reducing BEB symptoms remains speculative. Patients with BEB appear to have a particular sensitivity to that part of the visible spectrum attenuated by FL-41. Thus, it appears that a physiologic difference exists between BEB and control subjects, who did not display this sensitivity in our investigation. This physiologic difference might involve one or more ocular mechanisms that transduce certain wavelengths of light into photophobia in patients with BEB. Our findings suggest that FL-41 lenses are better than other tints at blocking frequencies of light that aggravate BEB symptoms.”

2 thoughts on “Axon Optics Lenses Beat Sunglasses, Rose, or Grey Tints for Blepharospasm Relief.

  1. Neha says:

    If I have proscription glasses , can I order fl-41 in proscription glasses ? I’m wearing now multi focal glasses with anti glare blue light but. It doesn’t work.n I have light sensitivity n photophobia n I’m blinking too much n not enjoying watching tv or any lights. Thanks *

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