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Axon Optics’ Mistral 7m Migraine Review

Axon Optics Mistral7m FL-41 Therapeutic eyewear natural migraine reliefBy Michael Fernandez of Migraine Discussions

Hello folks, you’ve all seen me review multiple pairs of Axon Optics lenses and frames. I’ve even done comparisons for them with the typical glasses you get after surgery on your eyes called “solar shields” which I found are very cheaply made compared to Axons glasses. In fact I rarely remove them from my face besides to clean them or swap them for a more suitable pair of Axon Optics lenses. Lets get to the point though today I’m reviewing the Mistral 7M’s worn by my fiance and mother for a few weeks each to get a good feel for the product. They each found the Mistrals to be fascinating, but are they worth the $169 price tag? This article should answer that question by the time you’re done reading and if I haven’t please feel free to ask any questions you might have!


These glasses rest well on the bridge of one’s nose and aren’t heavy, so they rarely leave a line or indentation on one’s face. They’re shaped well and have small raised areas to block peripheral light that don’t interfere with your vision or leave any odd markings on one’s face. They can even be worn in a swimming pool without issue as I wore my Bora frames and my fiance wore these frames from Axon on our tip to my grandfather’s yacht club and then after a ride on the boat took a dip in the pool. We both kept our glasses on for light sensitivity and got tons of compliments from the many seniors frequenting the pool. I handed out a lot of Axon Optics cards at this place! It isn’t like we were looking to advertise either we just wanted a nice calm swim and it turned into a small lecture on Axon Optics and the FL-41 tint for light sensitivity.


– The Mistral 7M has a wraparound style for extra coverage in the sun.

–  It comes in the following colors: Tortoise, Glossy Black, or Chocolate Crystal

– The glasses can be prescription if you need it. Just send a copy of your RX with the order.

– They come in the following shades: Indoor, Outdoor, Transition, and Polarized, Extra Dark.

– Can come with up to 2 premium coatings: Anti-Smudge and Anti-Glare.


These glasses start at $169 a hefty price for most people but some insurances cover this nowadays and if they save you even one trip to the ER you’ve already made your money back multiple times over. Heck you make your money back several times over just in the ambulance en route to the hospital. So I can totally justify that price when you look t this as a medical device and therapeutic tool and not simply another pair of glasses. This is an invaluable tool for anyone with photophobia and I cannot see anyone giving up the comfort these lenses bring for the price.


These glasses look normal and actually quite sexy on women if I do say so myself. I had to ask my fiance if these were the Axon Optics pair or her Ray Bans as I personally couldn’t tell the difference. I asked my mom the same question where she’d bought the glasses then she reminded me I gave them to her and that she was driving with them on to prevent more migraines. This warmed my heart as I found a small way to pay back my mother for all the care and hospital visits she has been through with me, I couldn’t ask for a better immediate family or a better fiance. Thank you for reading and I hope you’ll go out and try a pair of Axon Optics glasses now they really are worth your time to give a test run as they truly work I’m not just pulling your leg here. I hope you all have a pain free week and best wishes to all of my readers!

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