Axon Optics Sunglasses vs Regular Sunglasses 

f you are sensitive to light, regular sunglasses don’t cut it. Rebecca tried Axon sunglasses and said, “I have tried about 10 pairs of other sunglasses, and by far these are the most helpful for migraine related light sensitivity.”

Axon Optics sells glasses with indoor lenses or sunglasses lenses. If you’re light sensitive, you need Axon sunglasses instead of regular sunglasses.

Axon Outdoor vs Axon Indoor Glasses

So why are they better than regular sunglasses?

Axon Optics Sunglasses Block More of the Painful Light Than Regular Sunglasses

Sunglasses reduce the light hitting your eyes. However, if you’re light sensitive, certain wavelengths of light are more troublesome than others – namely blue and amber light.¹ Axon Optics knows this, so we’ve designed our outdoor sunglasses for people like you with photosensitive symptoms. Our sunglasses provide extra protection from the painful wavelengths of outdoor light.

So for you, the real difference between Axon Optics sunglasses and regular sunglasses, is relief.

These are absolutely the best sunglasses I have ever tried (& I've tried A LOT of expensive migraine-specific glasses.). It's night & day. I am So glad I invested in these.

-Sche T from Texas

Axon Optics Lenses Reduce Symptoms of Migraine and Light Sensitivity 

Axon Sunglasses reduces light sensitivity and migraine days

Regular outdoor sunglasses have not been shown to reduce symptoms of migraine or light sensitivity and can even increase your sensitivities.² Fortunately, Axon Optics lenses provide relief from light sensitive symptoms for most users. In fact, in clinically validated surveys, 85% of them report a reduction in light sensitivity impact.

I wear only Axon sunglasses. I have migraines and I have found that they act as a barrier to the sun that can stop a migraine or relieve my eyes when I am experiencing a migraine.

-Leslie B from Alabama

Axon Optics Lenses are Consistent in Quality

Just as they have many names and types, sunglasses vary from pair to pair as to the type of light they block. Unless you have a spectrometer to measure them, you don’t really know what you’re getting!

Well, we DO have a spectrometer, and we found significant variations among all the sunglass brands. ³

Axon Sunglasses are Consistent

I was skeptical when I first put them on ‘cause they didn't seem any 'darker' than my regular sunglasses. I haven't had any light induced migraines since using them, and when I momentarily had to wear regular sunglasses I was able to recognize the nuance of the different light I was experiencing with my Axon pair. Axon didn't just help with my migraines, but my light sensitivity as well. I would definitely recommend.

Heather M. from Montana

Axon Lenses Reflect Less Painful Glare into Your Eyes

Axon Optics Reflect Less Glare than Sunglasses

How annoying is it when sunlight glare reflects off the backside of your sunglass lenses into your eyes? This can aggravate light sensitivity, making you suffer more, not less. Lucky for you, Axon Optics sunglasses come with premium anti-glare coatings, so they reflect less than 0.2% percent of the light.

Many sunglasses don’t have any anti-reflective coatings at all. This is a significant omission by many sunglass manufacturers. This missing layer of protection — combined with blocking too much of some light — may cause you to see your own eyes reflected in the lenses. Probably not what you had in mind.

Axon Optics offers protection, not reflection.

These have made a HUGE difference while being outside in the sun!!! I absolutely love them!! I was a big wearer of darker sunglasses and tried the Luna's side by side, and could feel pressure in head build when putting the darker sunglasses on.

-Ranae B from Kansas

Axon Frames are High Quality

Have you ever bought sunglasses in a gas station or big box store checkout line? These “gas station” frames may be cheaper to make, but they’re definitely,

Axon Optics will never settle for cheap frames. We are dedicated to providing strong, comfortable, and lightweight frames that stand up to the quality of our lenses.

And with so many styles to choose from, you can wear our sunglasses with confidence (and probably compliments!).

Axon Optics Sunglasses

They were very helpful and soothing and calming … no other pair of dark sunglasses work like these …. Highly recommend 🙂 

-Lisa G from Gorgia 

Axon Optics is the Original and Most Innovative Lens Manufacturer

The Axon Optics difference lies in our science, our ongoing research, and our ties to the medical community.

Portrait of Dr. Bradley Katz

Founding Scientific Team

Axon Optics was co-founded by Dr. Bradley Katz, neuro-ophthalmologist and photosensitivity scientist at the world-renowned Moran Eye Center at the University of Utah Hospital, with Dr. Steve Blair, a photonics researcher at the University of Utah.



Our founders have published many academic articles on light sensitivity and migraine.⁴ Dr. Katz has treated thousands of photosensitive patients.



In 2011, Axon Optics pioneered the idea of perfecting eyewear for migraine and photosensitivity and has continued to improve its lens over the past decade.

Bought these for my husband who has optic neuritis, and they help with the brightness of the light a lot. He can actually read signs and see details in the full light of the day. So much better than a regular sunglass lens! He was skeptical at first, but now that he has a pair for work and for home he hasn't gone back to his old sunglasses.

-Lana B from Oregon

Your comfort is the most important thing.

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Know what you're getting. Get to know Axon Optics.

I didn’t realize how stressful bright light was, even though regular sunglasses, until I tried these. 

-Christopher C. from Louisiana  


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