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Axon is Tubing in Park City

Enjoying the end of winter sledding in Park City.

Enjoying the end of winter by tubing in Park City.

Most of the time our team is thinking about migraines, light sensitivity, keeping up the website, fulfilling orders, and working on clinical studies.  However, every once in a while we are able to get out and play a little bit.  Yes, there are some actual people behind the company.  Living in Utah, the mountains are our backdoor so we took our families up to Gorgoza Tubing hill in Park City to sled down the long runs….it’s a blast.  Ben and his wife Nicole are on the left (Nicole runs a small company called FreeVerce and it designs and sells LDS baptism dresses).  Dr. Brad Katz and his son are in the middle. Notice the eyeglasses that Brad is wearing, they are some test study lenses.  Dr. Steve Blair and his wife and daughter are on the right.

Alright, now back to work after this short video.

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