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Beehive Startups | See The World Through Rose-Colored Glasses

BEEHIVE features migraine glasses from Axon


See The World Through Rose-Colored Glasses

Beehive Startups featured Axon Optics recently.  They somehow included vampires, ghosts, and orcs in an article about glasses for migraines and light sensitivity.  We like it:


“Photophobia (fear of light, that is, not fear of photos) sounds like the type of chronic condition a vampire would suffer from. But what you’re actually thinking of heliophobia, which usually spawns from a hugely traumatic sunburn experience. That, or you’re a vampire, ghost, or orc. For those of us who aren’t and who suffer from photophobia (rather than its irrational counterpart), there’s Axon Optics.

Axon Optics is a Utah startup that makes eyewear for people who suffer from light sensitivity, photophobia, and even migraines. “Light sensitivity is a symptom for over eighty or ninety percent of migraines, but there’s no treatment that directly addresses that specific symptom and trigger,” explains Ben Rollins, one of the founders of Axon.” 

Read the rest of the Beehive Startups Feature on Axon Optics



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