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Photophobia glasses, or light sensitivity glasses, are a relatively new tool for the photosensitive.   Recent studies show that there are two pathways from the eyes to the brain, one is for visual images and the other is for pain.  Its the reason why when one looks at the sun, they feel pain.  Those with photosensitivity are particularly sensitive to certain wavelengths of light.

Axon Optics is the pioneer in therapeutic eyewear including glasses and sunglasses for those with light sensitivity

The lenses used in Axon’s glasses was first developed to help people with fluorescent light sensitivity. It was subsequently shown to prevent migraine headaches. It is available in a lighter tint for indoor use and a darker tint for outdoor use. It is available with no prescription or can be added to any glasses prescription.

Our specially designed Axon Optics lenses block those wavelengths that have been implicated in triggering and exacerbating light sensitivity.  Furthermore, we offer frame designs that offer standard, enhanced, and maximum protection from light.


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