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Chronic Illness Advocate, Journalist joins Axon Optics Team

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What more can I say? Today I got a phone call from the research team at Axon Optics. My dream came true.  I am now an official employee at Axon Optics.  

Thank you, Axon Optics, for giving a chronically ill patient the chance to work from his computer both at the hospital and at home. We literally had the phone conference with the hospital bed phone as I’m still hospitalized with no release date.


I am thrilled!! I’ll be writing articles, answering customer questions, and sharing migraine-related articles on social media. This is ideal for me as I spend all day writing and using social media, between home and the hospital.  

To introduce myself to the Axon crowd, here’s some facts about me:


  • I was named 2013-2014 Rookie of the Year at WEGO Health’s Health Activist Awards, which has lead to speaking engagements and live Twitter chats.


  • To keep my mind stimulated, I write both an article and a poem each day.  I post them on my website, Migraine Discussions.  Visit my blog here:


  • I am a social media-based chronic illness advocate diagnosed with Terminal Stage 3 Churg Strauss Syndrome,  Daily Chronic Migraine,  Cluster Headache,  and Non Length Dependent Small Fiber Neuropathy.  Helping others is what keeps me fighting this terrible illness.


  • Since June is Migraine Awareness Month, I will be giving away a few pairs of glasses on my website.   I have styles for both men and women. Email your story to me, summarized in 2 paragraphs,  with a photo of yourself that I can post to my blog.  Please email to [email protected]


I started having episodic migraines at age fourteen. Today,  my team of doctors believe I may have had them since infancy.  My average pain level is 8 on the 10 point pain scale.  I have lived with nonstop pain for the last two years!  Axon Optics lenses gave me my life back. Without them, I couldn’t write this article or look at any screen TV or laptop and wouldn’t go outside; I’d basically be living in a dark cave if it weren’t for these absolutely wonderful Axon FL-41 lenses – I love them! I love them so much.  These lenses aren’t only helping people with migraines or chronic illnesses because they also help with general light sensitivity and eyestrain. My fiancée, caretaker, and co-blogger Venus wears a pair of their therapeutic mistral sunglasses.  My caretaker/RN Mom will get a pair soon for her fluorescent lights at work and to reduce migraines.  Even my grandparents are planning to get some!


I cannot end this article without thanking Axon Optics for this wonderful opportunity.   They lead by example in hiring the chronically ill.  They are a small research and development company that reinvests all of their profits into research. What more could you ask for?  I haven’t been able to work in two and a half years and now I’m back to work doing something meaningful.  In my opinion it is a miracle,  a dream come true!

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