Comparing Migraine Glasses Wraparounds: Wrap7C

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Comparing Migraine Glasses Wraparounds: Wrap7C

The price of our Wrap WGX fell $10 this month, to $189.00 .  What makes this style different than the Wrap 7C?  They’re both stylish wraparound frames with that special curvature to hug the face and block out light.  They both come in black and tortoise shell.  And they both have a removable insert for additional protection against light, dust, dry eye, and debris.  Both come in a hard-woven zippered case.

So what’s different about them?  More than just the $20 difference in price.

The WGX is safety rated. The WGX meets the ANSI Z87.1-2003 high impact standard and is rated as OSHA grade protective eyewear.

The fits are different.  This means that you’ll see a real difference in materials and fit.  If you’ve tried our Wrap7C but it didn’t work for you, consider the WGX as an alternative. The insert on the Wrap7C is fuller; the gasket on the WGX is thinner. The WGX wraps at a sharper angle than the Wrap7C, which creates a tighter wrap.

The goodies are different.  The Wrap7C includes a red drawstring carrying case and a 7eye Eyeglass Lanyard, and comes in a hard-woven zippered case.  The WGX comes in a hard-woven zippered case.

Take a look at these differences:

Side by Side

axon opticsaxon optics

From Above

axon optics axon opticsaxon opticsaxon optics

Frame Manufacturer Photos

axon optics

Virginia Wearing Without Inserts

axon optics

axon optics

Virginia Wearing With Inserts

axon optics

axon optics

Did you notice a difference in the lenses?  The Wrap7c is shown with our Outdoor tint and our Anti-Glare Anti-Smudge coating.  The Wrap WGX is shown with our Extra Dark Polarized Lenses and our Anti-Glare Anti-Smudge Coating.  Polarization is still available by special order; email Virginia at [email protected] for more details.


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    I was wondering if anyone would know of any service and procedure codes that I could give to BCBS? I understand that axon doesn’t file but the insurance won’t even accept the doctor recommendation without these codes. Which makes no sense as I cost them hundreds of dollars each month in prescriptions. Thanks

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