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Do your migraine glasses make everything look rosy?

Color Hues

Recently, a painter asked us if our migraine glasses would affect the way they see color hues. Axon’s exclusive FL-41 tint works against migraine, photophobia, photoallodynia by blocking specific wavelengths of light. Because of this, some color distortion is inevitable; however, from all the customers who have purchased our eyewear we have not had a product returned because of the color of the tint. The indoor tint blocks less light than the outdoor tint. Both are available through this website.


Which lens should you choose?

Consider the tint you would want for your lenses. What are your priorities? Do you want to use them indoors while reading, watching television, or using the computer? Will you be using them outdoors for protection from the bright sun? If you want the minimal amount of distortion from your migraine glasses, then you may prefer the indoor. If you want the maximum amount of protection, then you may prefer the outdoor. Can’t decide? You are welcome to purchase both and try them out. Keep them both, or send back whichever pair you don’t want. Refer to our Full-Money-Back Guarantee on our FAQ Page for details.


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