FL-41 Fluorescent Relief Glasses Styles - past and present - Axon Optics

FL-41 Fluorescent Relief Glasses Styles – past and present

fl 41 glasses treatment of migraines

This gallery shows many of our designs, past and present, from our inception in 2011 through today. While many of these frames no longer exist, this historical gallery gives us the opportunity to explore the many possible combinatsionf of frames and tints.  Your personal style CAN exist with our tinted therapeutic FL-41 Lenses.  Just click ‘Gallery’ below to see the collection.

What do people think of our lenses?  Below is a review by one of our customers:

MIGRAINE RELIEF FROM AXON OPTIC GLASSES Jun 12, 2012 by Linne LauesenI am very amazed what these glasses does to prevent my photophobic migraine! Before I bought a pair of Axon Optics FL 41 glasses, I could not work on my computer unless the scene was black and letters yellow, I could not see TV if the light was too bright, and I could certainly not sit in an auditorium at the university looking at the power-point screen in class. I had daily migraines. I used sunglasses in class, but still the migraine came although less than if I hadn’t used it, but now – after two full days with a normal computer screen turned on, I feel NO pain. I really hope these FL-41 glasses can help others as they did to me.

Best wishes to you all,

Linne, Denmark ”

Style is very important to your comfort levels.  As you look through our photographs, please consider the frame style, coverage, and fit.  Weight can be an issue for our allodynic customers.  Another customer review:

” BLEPHAROSPASM Jun 19, 2012 by Marjorie White
I like my new FL-41 Lenses. I should maybe have gotten the lighter weight ones, as these cause the bridge of my nose to hurt as the day wears on.

They help with my blepharospasm, which is why I gave them a try. I will eventually get a pair for Outdoor Lenses, and a full RX instead of the Fit-overs. ”

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