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How FL-41 Glasses Provide Natural Migraine Relief

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Benefit of the FL-41 Glasses

Research conducted at the Moran Eye Center at the University of Utah illustrates that the tint FL-41 decreases a person’s sensitivity to light.  Acting as a natural migraine relief provider, these glasses are definitely one of a kind. Axon Optics is also currently in the process of creating contact lenses that will be able to decrease light sensitivity or Photophobia.

Photophobia occurs due to oversensitivity when the eye is exposed to light. This light exposure ends up causing pain in the eyes due to this physical sensation. Scientists believe there are a variety of situations that lead to photophobia including excessive response in the nervous system and overstimulation of the photoreceptors in the retina. As for the cause of photophobia, it has been linked to everything from corneal dystrophy and pink eye to dyslexia and autism. While the solution to photophobia is to avoid room lights and sunlight, clearly this is simply not practical for day to day life.


The Transformative Nature of the Glasses: One Customer’s Story

Many patients and owners of the glasses receive relief from the lenses.  In fact, one of Axon Optics customers wrote an inspirational email praising the amazing glasses.  In the email, the customer spoke about her long battle with photophobia. Immediately after using the glasses, she experienced instant migraine relief and was able to function without having to pull the blinds down in the house or wait for the sun to do down. Even during the nighttime, the customer was not able to use full wattage light bulbs. Instead, low wattage lights had to be utilized. Now, with the assistance of the FL-41 glasses, she is able to live her life normally.

Regardless of what triggers a migraine, it is important to effectively treat this debilitating condition. Through the power of the FL-41 glasses, truly natural migraine relief is finally widely available.

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