FL-41 Glasses for Photophobia Relief

As you know, photophobia can lead to migraines and other light-sensitive conditions that interrupt your life. FL-41 lenses were developed in 1991 to help people with sensitivity to fluorescent lights. Since then, many have used them to provide easy, natural relief for photophobia.

FL-41 tint filters out specific wavelengths of light that tend to trigger migraines and aggravate light sensitivity. These glasses are sometimes referred to as light sensitivity glasses or migraine glasses.

As good as FL-41 glasses might be, we have an even better option. Lucky for you, Axon Optics has studied, tested, and upgraded the original FL-41 to create a superior lens with better results.

FL-41 is Good, But Axon Optics is Better*


Why Users Love Our Glasses


3 Generations wearing Axon

"So I wear the glasses for my migraines (sunglasses, regular and magnifying). Grandma and Mom use them for their light sensitivity. Mom and grandma also love the fit they get when wearing these over their current prescription glasses. I am so happy I found this kind of relief for all of us!" - Julie W.

Young girl wearing fl-41 testimonial

Fashionable and protective

"I really like these frames, they’re very fashionable and perfect for younger women. I also like how they are lightweight so they don’t contribute to more headaches...They’re perfect for running errands under fluorescent lights and on overcast days. " - Leila C.

Customer wearing fl-41 for light sensitivity

11/10 would do it again

"It's been great. The glasses fit perfectly and I love that they're so lightweight. Not only am I very happy with the benefits of wearing them but I've also gotten a lot of compliments about the look. Overall very happy and very glad I decided to finally buy them." - Ellen S.

Can FL-41 Glasses Really Help Me?

Traditional FL-41 lenses have been studied a lot over the years. Here are a couple of highlights.

2x Improvement in Light Sensitivity

One study analyzed how FL-41 lenses affect patients with blepharospasm (BEB), a condition commonly associated with light sensitivity. Patients saw a dramatic 2x improvement in the severity of their light sensitivity, when compared to wearing the gray lenses typically used in sunglasses.

From 6 to 2 Headaches per Month

In one study conducted by researchers at the University of Birmingham, migraine patients who wore FL-41 lenses experienced a reduction in the number of migraine episodes — from over 6 per month to under 2 per month.

But Then, We Pioneered Improvements to FL-41

Our co-founder is a leading neuro-ophthalmologist who pioneered many of the original FL-41 studies. Over the years, he has led our efforts to improve the FL-41 tint. The lenses we’ve developed are only available from us, and they’ve been shown by clinical data to be superior.

You’re very likely to get relief from our precision-tinted glasses. In clinically-valid surveys, Axon Optics customers reported great results. Here is just a sample of the data:


85% of users reduce impact of headache and light sensitivity


40% decrease in light sensitivity impact


33% fewer migraine days

This data clearly shows that Axon Optics’ proprietary lenses help people with light sensitivity by:

  • Block the harmful light
  • Letting in more good light
  • Providing 18 layers of coatings for quality and better effectiveness

Fewer headaches

Less impact on your life

Decreased light sensitivity

How Are Axon Optics Better Than FL-41?

Axon Optics Let in More Good Light

FL-41 lenses first hit the scene in 1991. Over the last 3 decades, researchers (our co-founder included) have learned a lot about light sensitivity.

One of their key discoveries is that people with photophobia are sensitive to both blue and amber light — not just blue. They have also learned that other types of light are actually soothing to the eyes.

Green light is that soothing light; it actually reduces the severity of headache and photophobia. Sadly, FL-41 lenses block 80% of it. Why would you want to block the light that helps you?

For maximum relief, light sensitivity lenses should block the painful light while letting the soothing types of light pass through. That’s exactly what Axon Optics lenses do.

Axon lets more green light pass than FL-41

Axon Optics Are Consistent, Unlike Other Suppliers

While FL-41 glasses can help with light sensitivity, studies have shown that quality and effectiveness vary widely among suppliers who claim to sell FL-41. You can read more about those differences here.

On the other hand, every Axon Optics lens is made with the same exacting process, with the same tint and coatings. This is how we ensure every single lens filters exactly the same types of light.

Every time you put on your Axon Optics lenses, you can rest assured they’ll filter the painful light. Because you deserve to know exactly what you’re getting.

This graphic shows different brands of glasses labeled and sold as FL-41. The photos were taken with the same model, with the same lighting. Look at the differences in color and darkness between brands.

Comparison on FL-41 Migraine Glasses

Even glasses labeled as FL-41 are a gamble

FL-41 Can Reflect Painful Glare Back at You

Depending on which FL-41 lenses you buy, they may come with little or no anti-reflective coatings. This means more of the painful light you’re trying to avoid is reflected back into your eyes. You definitely don’t need that.

FL-41 lenses reflect 3% or more light back in your direction. With Axon Optics, that reflection is less than .2%. That’s a big difference.

Axon reflects 18x less glare than FL-41

How Are Axon Optics Better Than Blue Blockers?

Axon Optics Are Made for Photophobia and Migraine. Blue Blockers Aren’t.

If you want to know more, check out this article for a deeper analysis. In a nutshell, studies show that blue blockers don’t block the wavelengths of light that usually bother people with photophobia.

So while blue blockers might block some blue light, they don’t block enough of it. They block even less of the painful amber light which is also part of the problem.

Axon reduces more amber and blue light than blue blockers

Blue Blockers Vary Widely. Every Pair of Axon Optics Is the Same.

Much like FL-41, you never know what you are getting with blue blockers. Along with their many names, blue blockers vary widely in tint and the types of light they actually block. And just like FL-41, it’s tough to know what you’re getting.

Axon vs blue light blockers

When you buy from Axon Optics, you’ll know you’re blocking more of the light that causes you pain.


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