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FL-41 Tinted Prescription Lenses: Can it be done?

Prescriptions are non-refundable, so I recommend one of two things first:

1. If you’re sure you’ll like the tint, send us a frame you’ve chosen so that you can be sure it will fit and provide enough coverage.
2. If you’re unsure about the tint, order a few different non-prescription tints in our frames to see which is best for you, then return them within 45 days. Non-RX lenses in our frames are 100% refundable within 45 days of purchase. You should be able to tell quickly if the tint helps you, which is preferred, and if any of our frames suit you.

Got a prescription more complex than Single-Vision? Have your eye doctor contact us for uncut lenses. S/he can cut them to your prescription and frame – and bill it to your insurance, in some cases. May also be FSA Eligible!
Need authorization or a referral from your physician to get coverage?  Most physicians are glad to prescribe our tint if they understand its benefits.  We have a wealth of links to scientific studies published in the National Institute of Health’s Online Library.  Click Here to read them.  FL-41 works for most people who experience photophobia, and can help you take fewer medications.  You may even require fewer visits to a doctor, which means fewer co-pays for you (and less cost for your insurance provider!)  What have you got to lose, besides the pain?


Art Deco Migraine Glasses frame - for presciption

5 thoughts on “FL-41 Tinted Prescription Lenses: Can it be done?

  1. Amy says:

    I suffer from migraines and would like to try thefl-41 tint. Can I send you my glasses to have the tint added? If sohow much would this cost?

    • Lori Glover says:

      Yes, we have a Send In Your Frame option. However, we recommend trying an Axon frame first to determine if the lenses are effective for you. Feel free to email [email protected] for additional information.

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