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Frequently Asked Questions on Blepharospasm

FAQ on Blepharospasm

– Answers by Dr. Katz, MD, PhD, of the Moran Eye Institute in Utah

Q: What is blepharospasm?

A: Blepharospasm is an uncontrollable blinking and squeezing of the eyelids that some people have. It’s a movement disorder. We’ve all probably seen people like that. They kind of have this uncontrollable squeezing and blinking, have trouble opening their eyes and it’s a very disabling condition, both in terms of work and social life.


light sensitivity glasses bleparospasm treatmentQ: What causes blepharospasm?

A: We’re not really sure what causes blepharospasm. It’s a movement disorder just like Parkinson’s Disease and it’s a neurologic illness for which we don’t have a completely good explanation. It’s not clear what parts of the brain are not working right to cause the increased blinking and squeezing, but right now the best treatment is just to control the squeezing and blinking by paralyzing the muscles of the face with Botox and treating light sensitivity.


Q: Is there a Blepharospasm Treatment?

A:  Visit the Axon Optics page that covers everything related to Blepharospasm Treatment.


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