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Great for heightened photophobia, blogging, and salon visits

Before I had children I was a special education teacher.  The years after college; I was teaching, coaching, tutoring, and getting my Master’s degree.  That was all? ha.

At this point my migraines became chronic and pretty much elevated to a new level.

Stress, lack of sleep, noise levels and inconsistent diet triggered my migraines me daily.  Along with these were the lights!  I taught in very harsh fluorescent lighting during the day, coached in a bright gym and sat in front of a computer doing homework or lesson plans.  My eyes were so stressed that I sat in the dark during my free period and had the monitor brightness turned as low as possible.

I didn’t have a smart board at that time but if I had worked with one, I know I would have been pained every time I used it.  I wish so desperately that at that time I had Axon Optics glassesAxon Optics glasses are therapeutic eyewear.

They have FL-41 lenses that block blue-green light which was developed to reduce sensitivity to fluorescent lighting.  They sell a range of products that can fit many eyewear needs.  I found working with the Axon Optics staff easy and simple.  I appreciate this greatly.

I now use them to blog (I’m wearing them now!) and when my photophobia is heightened.  The other day I used them when I was getting my hair done.  Excuse the foil in my hair but there were 4 different lights glaring on me and I needed my glasses.  Here’s an example of my Axon Optics glasses at my over lighted trip.





About the blogger: My name is Sarah. I am a chronic migraine and headache sufferer. I am a stay at home mom of 2 and wife to an amazing man. I have suffered tremendously since I was 5 and it has shaped the person I am today. Until I started understanding my disease I was unable to fully understand myself (or at least a big part of me). Knowledge and support have helped me and I hope to do the same for you.


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