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Light Sensitivity Success

Today I awoke with a migraine but for some reason the light wasn’t bothering me…but why? It turns out I had worn my Axon Optics glasses to sleep. A well fitting pair of Wrap 7C’s on my face didn’t even disturb me as I rolled over. I was prepared to shield my eyes but oddly there was no need my head was calm as can be during a migraine. So I went downstairs to clinch this opportunity to write again something I haven’t done in days and days!

When I got to my laptop I discovered hey I can think again, with the usual brain fog being so far less. The light from my laptop normally causes me agony but with my Axon Optics light sensitivity glasses on I could write anything! I once again felt the motivation I once had before my cluster headaches became so frequent. I leaped on the opportunity, notifying Virginia about my success with the glasses. My migraines which are daily at 10+ a day now barely affect me because my pain tolerance is so high from years of agonizing pain.

Today I am writing for the first time in over a week which is certainly not like me I try to write multiple articles daily. I have my bosses at Axon Optics to thank for allowing me to keep this wonderful job writing these articles about my life with severe light sensitivity and being able to help others in the same situation! What I truly love about Axon Optics are two main things:

They hire light sensitive patients to work for them. They are all about making the community better and working with them has made me a better person. I’ve helped so many people with light sensitivity I can’t even count them anymore! I just cannot explain the joy of helping others each and every day whether or not I get paid for it this is one of the most rewarding and laid back jobs I’ve ever had.

Secondly they have so many options it’s nearly impossible to receive no relief with these lenses, very few people that try them have any complaints. I always carry around a pair of rose tinted Wrap 7C’s just for others to try on! Many of these people love and respect me for helping them out especially since I always reveal my affiliation with the company so that they know my opinions may be biased. But honestly who wouldn’t be thrilled at such thrilling pain relief and the ability to explore the world again. Since Axon has sent me pairs of glasses and tinted contacts to try out I’ve gained much of my life back. I even spent one day at the beach lying out in the bright sun on the shores of New Jersey. Would I have been able to achieve this without the prolific FL-41 tint? NEVER!

Those are just two of many reasons I support such a wonderful company with a great culture to boot. I honestly have nothing bad to say about them they’ve never sent me a product that’s incorrectly described or harmed me in any way. In fact they pay me well for the little work I’ve been capable of and they show a great deal of compassion that I’ve never felt from my superiors at any job! I absolutely love my job and will continue to write for Axon Optics so long s they’ll have me. What luck I have to find such caring people to work with, somone up above must’ve been smiling down upon me when I got this job in an interview from a hospital bed and they STILL hired me wow! All I can say is thank you to Ben, Brad, Steve, Virginia, and Lilli. These are all people I love and trust should they ever ask a favor of me that I am capable of I would do it in a heartbeat. In short thank you Axon Optics for being a wonderful research & development company and I wish nothing but success for you in the future.

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