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Into the Light and Into the Water! Axon Testimonial

By Michael Fernandez

Today I used my tidal fit for the first time and as the people at Axon Optics would say “Stepped into the Light” for the first time in a long time. As you saw I posted about the installation of the pool over the past weekend and that was one big project, we were left with a few minor technical issue but luckily a man came earlier today to fix it all up now my Tidal Fit is operating 100% and it should for the price! Anyways I found the glasses really helped I was wearing a pair of outdoor tinted Bora frames similar to the Wrap 7C which is another favorite of mine, Anyways let me tell you why these were so beneficial.

Let me start by saying the darker outside tint significantly reduced any glare off the water allowing me to comfortably get into or look into the pool with its shiny pearl white interior. I also found the flosses didn’t slip off y face nor did they let much moisture in. I took out the padding to avoid getting it too wet and was perfectly fine without it. The advantage to taking it out is that I avoided foggy lenses due to sweating when doing the row bars and such. For me it truly is a workout and I find it absolutely exhilarating to e able to get in and do a bit of rowing to some music whenever I please. All we need to do now is build a wraparound table/ bar for drinks and for a stereo to sit on. After that I believe we will have the perfect aquatic therapy solution and I thank Axon Optics for allowing me to even use it by providing such great glasses to review.

Today I forgot my glasses on a ride to the bank and then to a medical supply store, I was in so much pain within the 25 minutes it took to be heading home from the bank that I was hitting my head asking my dad to drive home and he simply stopped for food and did drive home as I’d asked. Today I was also very snappy, frustrated, and didn’t really get anything done. I am really doing it all now but that’s due to the depression that comes with migraines! Anyways my trip was horrid as soon as I got home I got on O2 for a serious cluster headache and a migraine I took simple Advil for the migraine as the triptans can’t be used due to my vasculitis and none of the medications work for me. I never was ok heck I am still not ok that’s why I am awake at 2:30am typing an article and hoping to wake up at 7am to drive to a conference in Nashville, TN! If you’ve read my recent poetry you know I’m going to the 2014 Cluster Busters Conference in Nashville TN this Thurs-Sunday so I will be bus covering that! Thanks for reading and I hope you’ve enjoyed yet another of my articles!

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