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Real Migraine Stories: “I have lived my entire life with light sensitivity”

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I have lived my entire life with light sensitivity, otherwise known as photophobia.  As a young child I was called a bat because I couldn’t handle light and was much happier in the dark or dusk. Besides the intermittent, unpredictable pain I have on a daily basis – my fibro and PA likes to mess with my eyes regularly. I have tried using sunglasses, computer glasses, you name it to control my light sensitivity. When I was a teenager I was diagnosed with chronic migraines and TMJ. After I had my daughter I could feel the headaches and migraines change dramatically. The intensity and location changed plus my photophobia worsened. When I look back on it I realize it was fibromyalgia rearing it’s ugly head.


I work out of my house and I am on the computer for what feels like forever every day. Being light sensitive is not an option because I need to be able to make money and contribute to the household. Like I said, I tried computer glasses which did decrease my photophobia a little. It didn’t help me with everyday light, indoors or outdoors. Those glasses are very specialized. I tried sunglasses but they don’t help at all because they really don’t filter the blue or UV light. I have cats that like to sleep in the windows so they are always moving the curtains. The light is flashing in my eyes all day. It was getting excruciating but I can’t bring myself to block them from sleeping in the window because it’s a little joy in their life.  I was in luck because just in time I was given a chance to try out the Axon Optics JURA Migraine Glasses




I ordered the JURA indoor lenses. Sunglasses are usually sufficient outside for me so I really wanted to try out glasses that were made specifically for indoor use. They work really well. I was blown away. I am used to having products claim all sorts of things and then not deliver. I am able to work all day without the cats, gloomy light or my computer bothering me. My headaches have been decreased. I can’t say that the headaches are gone because I still have had migraines but I can 100% tell you since I have started using these glasses I have not had a ocular headache. I have been trying them out during allergy season so that is huge. Having one pain taken away may seem little but in my world it’s huge. Even though they are specifically for the indoors I have used them on my deck when I am working in my gazebo and they help with the glare a lot. I only have one nitpicky thing that I wish I could change and that is the tinting. I wish they were a little lighter so that I could wear them in the store and not have it be obvious or look like I am wearing sunglasses but like I said, it’s just a nitpicky thing that I can live with.



Overall these lenses are worth the investment. I wear them everyday and they have been a life changer. They are lightweight, they don’t hurt my ears or the bridge of my nose and they help me work when I need to work. I wear them at night when I am reading on my iPad, playing my games or surfing social media. It’s pretty awesome to be able to do that when I want and not have to worry about waking up with a headache next day.



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