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Lupus, Light Sensitivity, and Loving Tennis

Guest Post from Anne D: I sit here beyond words as I write this.  I had to give up my love of tennis because of the problems I had with the sun and fluorescent lighting.  I would develop terrible migraines but I would also break out in a terrible rash and my joints would hurt so bad I could hardly walk.  I was diagnosed as having Lupus with severe Photophobia.  It’s been twenty years since I’ve been able to enjoy the sport I once taught and enjoyed and I’ve missed it more than anyone will ever know.

AXON OPTICS has brought hope back into my life and I am soooo happy and grateful!  My different doctors have helped me through the years as I battle the pain associated with Lupus and the Lupus process. I would so happily battle the pain if I could be on the tennis court again!  I haven’t found anything through the years that has helped me with my Photophobia until AXON OPTICS.  I feel grateful and happy every time I put my pair of their glasses on whether they be my indoor or outdoor glasses.  I look forward to working with Axon as they continue to come up with different lenses!  Keep up the awesome work!

~Anne D.

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One thought on “Lupus, Light Sensitivity, and Loving Tennis

  1. james taylor says:

    can I purchase one pair of FV 41 tinted sunglasses.I reside in Australia so could you provide all costs for delivery.I would require a pair similiar to the tennis player in your frames FV41 lenses.
    regards James

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