Migraine Contacts: “Life Changing” Protection from Painful Light

If you’re looking for less pain and maximum freedom, Axon Optics migraine contacts were made for you.

Just like our eyeglasses, our migraine contacts were developed by a neuro-ophthalmologist and leading light sensitivity scientist. They’re engineered to filter out specific wavelengths of light — the light that causes you pain by triggering or aggravating migraines and light sensitivity.

Our soft contacts are available with or without vision correction. Try them for 60 days, risk-free.*

Maximum Light Sensitivity Protection with Contact Lenses

Migraine & light sensitivity contacts

Our Happy Customers Notice the Benefits


Works amazing for light sensitivity

"I started using Axon contacts for photophobia. It works well and very comfortable. I would suggest this contacts to anyone light sensitivity. It took me couple of days to adjust to these lenses but now I feel very normal and comfortable." - Teja R.


Life changing!

"These contacts do an amazing job of filtering light and reducing migraines. I like them better than the glasses because there is no light that can seep around the edges of frames. Thank you for making a product that has been life changing!" - Kareena H.


Highly recommend!

"Ordered the contacts for my 17 year old son that suffers from chronic migraines. They are essential for him to make it through the school day under the florescent lights. He felt immediate relief and they have reduced the number of migraines and time he spends in the nurses office (dark room). Wish I could help get the word out to everyone dealing with chronic migraines." - Stacey B.

Can Light Sensitivity Contacts Really Reduce Migraine Attacks and Photophobia?

Yes! A clinically-validated HIT-6™ (Headache Impact Test) survey reveals that our light-filtering technology helps 85% of users. Whether you choose our contact lenses or migraine glasses, that technology is the same.


Specifically, users reported a 40% decrease in light sensitivity and a 33% decrease in headache days.


Using only FDA-approved dyes, our migraine contacts have the same tint as our glasses, with the same light protection properties. But since they are worn directly on the eye and fitted precisely for each user, many users report that our contacts offer even better light protection than our glasses.

Fewer headaches

Less impact on your life

Decreased light sensitivity

Who Should Try Axon Optics Light Sensitivity Contacts?

Contact lenses aren’t for everyone. If you have already been wearing contact lenses or have worn them successfully in the past, you might be a great candidate.

For most people, we recommend trying our migraine glasses before purchasing contacts for migraine. Then you’ll know how well our light-filtering technology works for you before making the commitment to contacts.

Why Choose Axon Optics?

Axon Optics is led by a renowned neuro-ophthalmologist and expert on treating patients with light sensitivity and migraine.

As confirmed by a study from the University of Utah, not all light filtering technology for photophobia is the same. You need lenses — whether eyeglasses or light sensitivity contacts — that block the right types of light in the right amounts to be effective.

Under expert leadership, we’ve worked for decades to improve on the standard tint for photophobia, called FL-41. In both our eyeglasses and contacts for light sensitivity, we work tirelessly to refine our technology based on the latest science.

When you choose Axon Optics, you can rest assured you are getting the very best.

Our migraine contacts also come in various styles and options to create just the right solution for you.

  • Dark-colored eyes
  • Light-colored eyes
  • Pupil-only coverage
  • Full-iris coverage
Migraine contact lens comparison

Our light sensitivity contacts have helped many others, like Kelsie and Maureen. We hope you’ll give us the chance to help you, too.

Have Questions?

It’s Your Turn. Try Our Contacts Risk Free.

The vast majority of Axon Optics customers find our products bring relief, but you have 60 days to make sure. Try our migraine contacts for yourself. If they don’t make a difference for you, please return them within 60 days for a full refund.