Green Light for Migraines: Fake or Backed by Science?

April 26, 2022
Is green light for migraines effective? This article answers your question.

For years, there has been a well-documented connection between migraine and light sensitivity. As a migraine patient, you probably have first-hand experience with this connection. You may have spent hours or even days in a dark room, with the lights off and blinds drawn fighting a migraine. So when someone says that light — no matter […] Read More

FL-41 Glasses vs Blue Blocking Glasses

March 29, 2022
FL-41 glasses vs blue blockers - what's the difference?

If you’re light sensitive, you’re probably on the lookout for ways to protect yourself from excessively bright light or blue light. Nobody could blame you, since light sensitivity can cause symptoms like migraine headaches, dizziness, nausea, burning sensation, and pain.  In your search for relief, you might turn to specially-tinted glasses, like blue blockers or […] Read More

Ocular Migraine: A Relief Guide (w/ Visual Examples)

March 27, 2022

While the throbbing, insistent pain of most migraine events might be the overriding symptom for most, a relatively small portion of migraine sufferers – about one of every 200 – will experience visual symptoms without headache. This is commonly known as an ocular migraine.  So, what the heck is an ocular migraine and why do […] Read More

6 Simple Stretches for Migraine Relief (Backed by Science)

March 11, 2022
Are there specific helpful stretches for migraines?

There are a great number of medications and treatments to help you manage migraine pain, including migraine glasses. Thanks to ongoing research, new treatments are released all the time. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep your eyes open for non-invasive tools to help manage your condition. Stretches for migraines may be one of those […] Read More

Reflexology for Migraines: Does Science Have an Opinion?

March 8, 2022
Learn if reflexology for migraines might be right for you

When you get a migraine, it disrupts your routine. In fact, you’ve probably been sidelined by a migraine on a critical day where it was the last thing you needed.  There is no cure for migraine. However, there are several different approaches to treating the condition or relieving symptoms. Your go-to action plan may already […] Read More

Nortriptyline for Migraines: Does it Actually Work?

February 18, 2022
Is antidepressant nortriptyline for migraines a good idea?

Migraine is pretty tough to treat. Finding relief can be so difficult that over a million emergency room visits are attributed to migraines every year. Since migraine eludes many of the straightforward treatments, researchers are on the lookout for less obvious alternatives.  For example, 85% of users have seen their headache days reduced by one-third […] Read More

Is Gabapentin for Migraines Right for Me?

February 16, 2022
Gabapentin for migraines is an off-label use of this prescription drug

If you’ve tried a lot of migraine medications or other therapies without much success, you might talk to your doctor about using gabapentin for migraines. While it might not be the right solution as a primary medication, it could be added to your arsenal along with other medications and tools like migraine glasses. Gabapentin (GBP) […] Read More

Migraine Cocktail: Legit Treatment or Dangerous Fad?

February 10, 2022
Three Margaritas

Has a migraine ever gotten so bad that you’ve gone to the emergency room, or thought about going? If you’ve received a migraine treatment in a hospital setting, you may have received what is commonly called a migraine cocktail. The term migraine cocktail usually refers to a combination of medications given intravenously to treat an […] Read More

Fact or Myth: Cream of Tartar for Migraines?

January 28, 2022
Scoop in white powder

Many people have tried cream of tartar for migraines; but is it a bonafide remedy, or just a rumor?  Migraine is the third most common illness in the world today. It affects about 1 billion people worldwide, including 39 million Americans. In addition to new treatments that result from scientific research, migraineurs are always looking […] Read More

Tragus Piercings for Migraine Relief?

January 27, 2022

People with migraine headaches are always on the lookout for better relief. There are plenty of prescription and non-prescription drugs available, but a lot of migraineurs would rather not depend on them too much.  Natural remedies and tools like Axon Optics’ migraine glasses, nutritional supplements, and cold packs may help manage migraine symptoms. Tragus piercings […] Read More

Are Migraine Auras Dangerous to Your Health?

January 5, 2022

Are Migraine Auras Dangerous to Your Health? Migraines are traumatic enough without the auras that sometimes come with them. And while the auras can add a freakish experience to an already painful one, are migraine auras dangerous? The short answer is, not usually. Generally speaking, migraine auras are pretty harmless. What Should I Know About […] Read More

Which Light Bulbs Are Best for Sensitive Eyes?

December 13, 2021

If you’re more sensitive to light than the average person, it may cause you discomfort, irritation, or headaches on a regular basis. If this sounds familiar, you might have wondered about the best light bulbs for sensitive eyes.  Is one kind of light bulb better than another?  In this article, we’ll discuss why you might […] Read More