What Causes Light Sensitivity?

February 3, 2021

The more you understand about a particular challenge, the better equipped to handle it you may become. Perhaps this is why so many people who suffer from photophobia or light sensitivity tend to become experts on the subject. If you know what causes light sensitivity in the eye, perhaps you can avoid or mitigate those […] Read More

NEW: Axon Light-Responsive Lenses for People with Migraine and Photophobia

January 20, 2021

Faster, darker, less expensive. That’s right, Axon Optics has made significant improvements to our light-responsive eyewear for migraine sufferers. The lenses now become darker, change faster, and are more affordable. We’re pretty sure this makes them easier and more pleasant to use than ever before. Glasses that darken automatically when exposed to sunshine (also called […] Read More

Pediatric Migraine in School

January 15, 2021
Mother and kids in Axon migraine glasses

Pediatric migraine often goes undiagnosed and undertreated. 1 in 11 children experiences migraine attacks. Because of this, parents, teachers, nurses, and other school personnel need to be aware of migraine and the various ways that it may impact children. Migraine is stigmatized as “just a headache.” Therefore, many children get stigmatized by adults when migraine […] Read More

Migraine Glasses (2021) – Here’s What We Know

January 9, 2021
Man Holding Migraine Glasses by Axon Optics

Migraine glasses — with their specially tinted lenses — are gaining popularity and getting rave reviews from users. What exactly are they though? How do they work? And the bigger question, DO they work? We will answer those questions and more as we dive into the research behind migraine glasses, which includes more than 17 […] Read More

Vestibular Migraine

December 6, 2020
Vestibular migraine involves dizziness with or without migraine pain.

Have you ever been dizzy? I mean, really dizzy, where you couldn’t do much if you could get up at all. This is not a “too much spinning on the playground equipment” dizziness. No, this dizziness comes on seemingly out of the blue. It can last several minutes or drag on for up to three days and […] Read More

Jeff Manages Corneal Neuralgia While Training for American Ninja Warrior

October 6, 2020
Jeff wearing Axon Optics glasses

After having vision correction surgery, Jeff found himself with rare complications of extreme light sensitivity, headaches, and corneal pain. His eyes also became so chronically dry that he actually wore swim goggles to help keep moisture in. Jeff’s set of complications led to a diagnosis of corneal neuralgia. What is Corneal Neuralgia? Corneal neuralgia is […] Read More

Features of Migraine Aura in Teenagers

October 1, 2020

Migraine auras are sensory disturbances that come before or during a migraine event. Researchers recently conducted a study on migraine aura in teenagers. This was published in the Journal of Headache And Pain. This research provides some helpful insights into the ways in which teens experience migraines. About the Study This study ran during a […] Read More

The Science Behind Green Tinted Glasses for Migraine

June 15, 2020

If you are living with migraine, you know how debilitating it can be, making you feel drained, uncomfortable, and disconnected from the rest of the world – especially those you love. If you’re here, reading this, you are probably looking for answers – how to escape the pain and isolation and rejoin the world. And […] Read More

Yoga for Migraine

May 27, 2020

If you’re a migraineur, you’ve likely heard of all types of migraine remedies and preventatives. Some seem perfectly plausible. Others, not so much. Still, with each new potential remedy that comes along and offers a glimmer of hope, we can’t help but think, “why not?” And plunge in. Disappointment is just part of the game […] Read More

Home Hacks for Those With Sensory Processing Disorder or Light Sensitivity

May 20, 2020

Are you easily overwhelmed by everyday stimuli? Do bright lights cause you headaches? Do strong smells engulf your senses, impacting you more than others? Is a new scratchy sweater unbearable to wear? If so, you may be considered a highly sensitive person. A highly sensitive person is someone who has a stronger than normal reaction […] Read More

How Karen Found Relief After Traumatic Brain Injury

May 19, 2020

According to the Centers for Disease Control, traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are a major cause of disability in the United States. In 2014, the US saw 2.87 million TBI-related emergency room visits, hospitalizations, and deaths.  Head injuries require immediate emergency care to assess potential TBI and prevent any further head or neck injury. A mild […] Read More

Why Dark Sunglasses for Sensitive Eyes Are a Bad Idea

April 9, 2020

If you regularly shut the blinds, turn off lights, or retreat into a dark corner of the room, you could be sensitive to light. Putting on sunglasses might seem like an easy fix — even indoors. But donning extra dark sunglasses for sensitive eyes isn’t a long-term solution. Here’s why: Extra Dark Lenses Teach Your […] Read More