Sinus Migraine: When Sinus Pain is More than a Headache

February 28, 2018

You have a headache. It extends over your eye and you have pressure in your face Your nose even runs a little. You take some Sudafed or ibuprofen, tell everyone you have a sinus headache or even a sinus migraine, and lay down for a while. Two or three hours later you are better. You […] Read More

Migraine Contact Lenses: Colorful Contacts for Light Sensitivity and Migraine Relief

February 21, 2018

There was a time when therapeutic tinted lenses for light sensitivity were only available as glasses. Thanks to exciting developments at Axon Optics, that is no longer the case. Migraine contact lenses are available through the Axon Optics website and the positive testimonials are pouring in as customers say they bring much needed relief to […] Read More

Intractable Migraine: A Definitive Guide

January 31, 2018

Status migrainosus, or intractable migraine, is a persistent, debilitating migraine without aura that significantly affects a person’s ability to function. Even when they take steps to control triggers and make deliberate lifestyle changes, it is still a major impact on their quality of life. They are typically marked by a lack of response to the […] Read More

Preventing Cold Weather Migraines

January 17, 2018

I am here to tell you, cold weather migraines are no fun. With winter in full swing you might find that you are experiencing increased migraine activity. Many migraineurs report a spike in their migraine frequency when the weather turns chilly. The cooler temperatures are often a culprit, but certain things we do when it […] Read More

2017 #MyMigraineStory Scholarship: Congratulations K. Higuchi of OU

December 27, 2017

No two migraines are the same and every migraineur has their own migraine story. This was the premise behind Axon Optic’s My Migraine Story Scholarship Program. This year we had more than one hundred entries. There were so many inspiring stories in a number of different mediums. Some entrants wrote their stories, others recorded them […] Read More

The Complete Abdominal Migraine Guide

December 26, 2017

Abdominal migraine is a rare condition that primarily affects children but can very rarely affect adults. It is commonly stated that around 10% of children between the ages of 5 and 15 suffer from abdominal migraines, but other studies show that number to be a little over 4% are affected. However, in Europe, the diagnosis […] Read More

Natural Migraine Remedies: A Comprehensive Guide

November 16, 2017
Herbal and other natural migraine remedies are very effective

Rising costs of migraine medication, coupled with increasing instances of side effects from drugs are driving many people to seek alternative, more natural, healthier treatments for their migraines. People have been using natural remedies for centuries. Ancient Chinese and Egyptian cultures used natural remedies to treat a wide variety of ailments. Many are still used today […] Read More

Four Ways to Cope When Light Causes Problems | Podcast with Dr. Katz and MigraineAgain

November 1, 2017
Migraine Podcast on Light Sensitivity with Dr. Brad Katz

Neuro-Ophthalmologist and founder of Axon Optics, Dr. Bradley Katz, recently participated in a podcast with MigraineAgain’s Paula Dumas.  He discusses four ways to cope when light causes problems.  Please click here to listen to the podcast: 003: The Dangers of Hiding in the Dark with Dr. Bradley Katz

Read More

25 Funny Migraine Tweets That Will Make You Smile

October 30, 2017

When it comes to migraines, there’s plenty to be negative about, so when you can find a way to smile in spite of the pain, well, that’s really something. These funny migraine tweets are sure to bring a smile to your face- and maybe a chuckle or two. Enjoy! 1. That feeling when… 2. Because […] Read More

Baystate Noble Hospital Fundraiser and Silent Auction – November 4th, 2017

October 30, 2017

The fundraising events coordinator for Baystate Health Foundation recently wrote in to us.  She is a longtime user of our products, explaining: “First, thank you for being an amazing company. I’ve ordered two pairs so far, one indoor and one outdoor.  I have been suffering from migraines for about six years, and it’s just been […] Read More

The Definitive Guide to Basilar Migraines

September 29, 2017
Woman in bed with basilar migraine

Basilar migraines are rather rare and although they are extremely painful, they are also fairly short. Generally, a basilar migraine will last about an hour, but more severe attacks may last several hours. If you have basilar migraines, this guide will help you better understand your condition. Axon Optics talked to Richard P. Kraig, Ph.D., […] Read More

Migraine Release Surgery

September 26, 2017
migraine release surgery

In some cases where migraines are particularly severe or frequent, the patient may opt for migraine release surgery. Manish H. Shah, MD, FACS, of Shah Aesthetic Surgery in Denver, Colorado, performs migraine release surgery, a procedure that is used to decrease pressure on sensory nerve fibers located between the eyes, in the temples, at the top […] Read More