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Migraine Contact Lenses: Colorful Contacts for Light Sensitivity and Migraine Relief

close up view of migraine contact lenses

There was a time when therapeutic tinted lenses for light sensitivity were only available as glasses. Thanks to exciting developments at Axon Optics, that is no longer the case. Migraine contact lenses are available through the Axon Optics website and the positive testimonials are pouring in as customers say they bring much needed relief to both migraineurs and those suffering from light sensitivity.

These soft contacts are available with no vision correction or basic vision correction and they last a whopping 365 days before replacement! If you have an astigmatism, don’t worry, Toric lenses are also available and they too have the same great therapeutic tint. Each pair is custom made to fit its owner.

The Science Behind the Style

Dr. Bradley Katz and Steve Blair, PhD, President and CTO of Axon Optics, worked together to develop contact lenses that provided the same light sensitivity protection as the therapeutic lenses that are in Axon’s line of migraine glasses. This means that people who are light sensitive or who have migraines triggered by light now have options. They can get the benefit of the SpectraShield tint without having to deal with eyeglass frames.

early versions of the migraine contact lens in the developmental stage
Early iterations of the migraine contact lenses. It took numerous attempts to make the right lens.

Contact lenses require a special tinting process, as only certain FDA approved dyes can be used,” says Steve Blair. “Axon developed a combination of those dyes to achieve the light blocking characteristics of our SpectraShield tint used in ophthalmic lenses. During the development process, we made precise light transmission measurements through the contact lenses to ensure that the most irritating colors of light were being blocked.”

Customer Reviews Speak Volumes

The many positive reviews on both social media and Axon Optics’ website speak to the effectiveness of the tint and the contacts. One client who purchased the pupil only migraine contact lenses was very happy with the results.

“The pupil only contacts provide more coverage than glasses, but they do not cover the outer edges of my peripheral vision. If you are triggered by light (I am not), you may consider the fully-tinted contacts.

I have light hazel/green eyes. Upon close inspection in a well-lit area, the tint appears brown with a hint of violet. Practically, it looks like my pupil is just larger, which is unnoticeable unless someone is within arms-reach of me and maintaining eye contact.

I wear these while driving at night with no problems. Objects are still clearly visible, but are not as bright as they otherwise would be. The contacts, I have noticed, also prevent me from being temporarily blinded by other cars’ headlights.”

Another happy customer expressed her gratefulness that the contacts provided 100% coverage from painful light:

“I work in an office with fluorescent lights 40 hours a week and I can’t adequately express the relief these contacts have given me.”

Many have found that they prefer the contacts over the glasses because of the increased coverage. For many, it has been a liberating experience as they feel they are no longer trapped in darkened rooms and they can rejoin the world.

woman wearing the migraine contact lenses


Best Practices for Migraine Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are not for everyone. Dr. Bradley Katz offered some advice for first time buyers. “Our lenses are a very good choice if you’ve worn contacts before or have been wearing them. They would probably not be good for a first-time contact lens user. Those with dry eyes or eyes that are sensitive to contact lenses would likely find better success with our eyeglasses.,” he says. “We also suggest that you try our glasses with therapeutic lenses before you commit to the contacts. The glasses will give you a very good idea of how well the lenses will work for you.”

If you want to experience for yourself the relief from painful light that migraine contact lenses from Axon Optics offer, you have several choices of styles including pupil only or full coverage. They also come with a 30-day guarantee, so if the lenses are defective or tear during that time, Axon Optics will replace them. If you love the your Axon Optics eyeglasses, but want the freedom of contacts, you can now have your cake and eat it too. Visit Axon Optics today to order your own pair of light sensitive contacts. Relief is within your reach.

full coverage and pupil only coverage migraine contact lenses

19 thoughts on “Migraine Contact Lenses: Colorful Contacts for Light Sensitivity and Migraine Relief

  1. Karen Bernardi says:

    I suffer from migraines AND dry eye, both of which cause extreme light sensitivity. I find myself squinting most of the time, even while wearing regular sunglasses or blue light blocking glasses. I’ve worn contacts for over 25 years to correct my vision and my eyes are blueish green. Would I be a candidate for your contacts?

    • Lori Glover says:

      We recommend a trial pair of eye glasses first, especially to see if you can improve the dry eye. All of our nonprescription frames have a 30 day return policy if you find them ineffective. If the technology is effective and the dry eye improves, you may be a candidate for contacts. Feel free to email [email protected] for more information.

  2. Cheryl Patteri says:

    I have extreme light sensitivity and glare issues. I wear contacts and sunglasses most of the time. Would these contacts help?

    • Lori Glover says:

      We recommend trying a non prescription pair of glasses to determine if the tint is effective. They have a 30 day return policy if you decide to move forward with a custom order such as contacts.

  3. Larry Fulfs says:

    I suffer from positive dysphotopsia which makes it difficult to work around bright lights. Also I driving at night is really bad because of glare from head lights and refective road signs. Do you think these contacts would help me?
    Larry Fulfs

    • Lori Glover says:

      We recommend trying a non prescription pair of glasses to determine if the tint is effective. They have a 30 day return policy if you decide to move forward with a custom order such as contacts.

  4. Tracy Novak says:

    Fluorescent lights causes extreme anxiety for me. I can literally feel my brain working faster and I can’t concentrate. I have recently started school and the lights are so distracting that it is nearly impossible to focus during class. Do you think I could benefit? I’m desperate.

  5. Lilah Nielsen says:

    I have daily headaches and migraines and have always been very light sensitive. I am always having to wear sunglasses not just for looks but to go out anywhere. I even want to wear them inside bit feel self conscious. I also have dry eyes and allergies that don’t help it. UV blue ray lighting helps from screen time but not from the light outside. I think these lenses would help also, do you??

    • Lori Glover says:

      Be careful wearing traditional sunglasses indoors. When eyes become adjusted to viewing objects in dim light or wearing traditional sunglasses indoors, it is what we call dark adapted. Dark adapting aggravates sensitivity to light. Wearing Axon Optics lenses does not make eyes more sensitive to light when not wearing them and will not dark adapt the eyes. The lens was designed specifically to avoid this problem. If you were to constantly wear eyeglasses that block a greater percentage of light, like sunglasses, then you may run the risk of dark adapting your eyes. Dark adaptation results in worse photophobia in most cases and takes time to reverse. Feel free to email [email protected] for information about our no risk trial period.

  6. Adam Meyer says:

    I have blue eyes and would like a full iris contact that won’t make my eyes look purple. Do you have colored contacts with the same effect? I don’t care about keeping my eyes looking blue, but wouldn’t mind a natural eye color, like green or brown.

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