Migraineur/Blogger of MoreThanAHeadache: Axon Optics lenses ‘Unbeatable’

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Migraineur/Blogger of MoreThanAHeadache: Axon Optics lenses ‘Unbeatable’

More Than A Headache axon optics reviewEmily from MoreThanaHeadache:

Photophobia is one of the key symptoms of a migraine. For a long time I didn’t have to deal with the severe vertigo and pain from the dimmest of lights. Now, I do. I’ve had tension headaches since I was 13 and now at 21 I experience full blown migraines a few times a month. I experience a small aura sometimes, my vision becomes “snowy”. I have nausea. It involves phonophobia – combated with a pair of earplugs and a quiet room. The last symptom which has been harder to control is the photophobia. The only way to control that would be to close my eyes. If a migraine struck during the day, I would be left to suffer from the light pouring through the windows.

I couldn’t tell you how long I’ve been drooling over the glasses that Axon Optics offers. I was waiting for a holiday – my birthday or Christmas, to ask for a pair from my parents or wait until I saved up a little bit to buy a pair. My jaw literally hit the floor when they contacted me and offered to send me a pair after reading my blog. I’m not embarrassed to admit I did a little happy dance. I’ve had migraines where I would reach for my regular sunglasses in the middle of the night but even the dimmest of lights were still too bright with the darkest tint I could find.

I was amazed at first how quickly the glasses arrived – 2 days, express mail. I’m so grateful for that. I am blown away from the quality of the glasses. They are the best glasses I Migraine sunglasses review morethanaheadacheown now – better than the prescription ones I have for driving. They are simply beautiful glasses. The first thing I did after taking them out of the box was put them on. My eyes stopped hurting instantly. I stepped outside for the first time in a long time without needing to instantly shield my eyes. Yes – the world is a little pinker but it’s better than the alternative. My family was excited too. My sister tried them on right after me – instantly impressed too. My friends all tried the glasses on, commenting on the quality of them instantly.

I already know that these glasses will impact my life. I will have at least some control over my migraines now. I can beat photophobia now. I know that with, a bottle of water, some ginger ale, an Imitrex and now these glasses, I can beat a migraine.

Emily writes more about her life with migraines at: morethanaheadache.wordpress.com.  MoreThanAHeadache is an exploration of the impact of headaches, migraines and chronic pain on various aspects of life, co-morbid illnesses, diseases and conditions, stigma associated with these conditions, the road to recovery and management and of pain itself.

Axon Optics’ therapeutic lenses have been clinically shown to reduce the frequency and severity of migraines, Benign Essential Blepharospasm (BEB), and other conditions associated with light sensitivity (photophobia).


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4 thoughts on “Migraineur/Blogger of MoreThanAHeadache: Axon Optics lenses ‘Unbeatable’

  1. Vampalicious says:

    I lost my whole post!!! Ahhh!!! Ok. So, as the name suggests, I have severe photophobia. I have lupus and Sjourns. Of course the dry eyes that go with it. My pupils hardly constrist at all. There’s no procedure for this. Fibromyalgia jumped in and it all contributed to such a severe case of chronic migraine that I am disabled by it. I finally found the only Boarded headache specialist in my area, and let me tell you, this lady is AMAZING. She doesn’t sell products or endorse products for benefit. But she provides patients with the information on the non- medical tools that will help get through the hardest times and acclimate back into real life. She stays on top of her research. Sadly, as an emergent field, it’s not easy to find s boarded specialist. But for me, all the luckier that I ended up with the one that I feel like I want to spend the rest of my life with with ( I’m kidding. Sort of. The rest of my migraine life for sure). She suggested 2 non medication options that she felt would really benefit. She had studied the research of Dr. Katz. She said Axon optics. I had already done the irlen method. I had rose tinted glasses. It wasn’t the same. Sorry, theraspecs, but she believes in hard science and I believe in her. And these glasses have already made a change. The indoor tint looks dark from the outside because I got glasses with the thick gasket. It took an hour to get used to. You’ll have to get used to re-seating the gasket. Or when you’re ready, take it out. But from the inside looking out, they just look like a slight filter. They are allowing me to acclimate faster. The outdoor lenses I didn’t think would be darme enough, but they seem to do the job. Next up – an outdoor pair with the thick gasket and a more natural looking pair for I door. I love purple. Dalliance is as close as I’ll get. I’d love to try transitions if I can swing it. The Maddie’s and the goddess? I think are other options. Up for suggestions. I have plenty of time to save. But trust me. If you’re price shopping migraine glasses, how much would you spend to have fewer or less severe migraines without medication?

    • Vampalicious says:

      I’m in the hospital getting my DHE infusion. But I’ll blog more about the insidious migraines on my wordpress blog vvampaliciousv

    • Lori Glover says:

      Yes, we accept prescription orders. We do recommend trying non-prescription frames first to be sure they are effective. We offer a lenient return policy. Please email [email protected] for more information.

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