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Mom, I just bought a bearded dragon with my birthday money!

Customer Testimonial from Axon Optics User

By: Kim Lawson

The princess is having a birthday. She went to the mall with her friends and took her birthday money with her. How excited she was to tell me she’d finally bought a bearded dragon!

migraine treatment with migraine glasses testimonial

Well, this was exciting alright! I have NO idea how to care for one, zero, zip, nada. This required me to go to the mall…


…the mall full of fluorescent lights, shiny floors, reflective windows – just perfect for a hemiplegic migraine and dystonia storm for me.


I have to be able to speak when I get there, remember what words to use, and remember what they’ve told me when I get out of those awful lights. Let me clarify that hemiplegic migraines resemble strokes, and I can’t be in anything but incandescent bulbs or it is guaranteed for me.

Thank God for Axon Optics glasses! I donned my hat on that rainy day, put my Axon Optics glasses on, and took off to the mall. The pet store is at the end of a wing of the mall, with no close outdoor exit for me to dart into.

After walking aallll the way down to the petstore, I went into the  [intense_highlight]very. Bright. Lights.[/intense_highlight] My Axon transition glasses did their thing and got darker. I didn’t even have to change glasses. One less thing I had to think about.


After finding a salesperson, I explained the situation. I need everything except a tank for this little critter! She explained the $60 bulbs and where they should be on the tank. She explained food for him, including the salad bar he needs everyday. I then browsed the aisles to find things for him to “bask” on, and hide under. I thanked her (Yes!! I could still speak! No, I wasn’t limping, paralyzed, facial droop, or having a headache!!)


As I was leaving, smiling with all my purchases, and being thankful for my glasses, I looked at a bench. I thought to myself, “that’s the bench without me in it” … I wasn’t sick with headache, suffering paralysis, limping, or any other of the multitude of migraine induced reasons I would have to be sitting on that bench.

Here it is: The bench without me in it!



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