Multi-Use Transitions versus Indoor Eyeglasses and Outdoor Sunglasses

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Multi-Use Transitions versus Indoor Eyeglasses and Outdoor Sunglasses

Axon Optics Prime s 59 Indoor and Outdoor migraine glasses

I am often asked: “Which is better, a single pair of Transitions lenses, or to have a Pair of Indoor Lenses and a Pair of Outdoor Lenses, respectively? It’s about the same price, what should I choose?”

Let’s compare the pros and cons of each option.

A single pair of Transition Lenses:

Some people would find it annoying to switch pairs over the course of the day. They’d like to have a single pair of glasses on their face, and forget about it. The pros to a single pair of transitions are the convenience and simplicity of a single pair. It may cost more or less than two pairs, depending on what you order. You’re less likely to misplace a single pair.
The cons – Some people need to switch frames during the day, because the pair of glasses they’d wear in an office is much smaller than what they’d wear in the sun, and what they’d wear as sunglasses is far too bulky for the office.

A pair of Indoor and a pair of Outdoor Glasses:

The Pros to having two different pairs are the ability to change frame coverage and aesthetic style.  Our outdoor tint is more therapeutic than our indoor eyeglasses or transitions lenses, giving you a higher level of relief.  Again, the cost may be more or less than a single pair of transitions, depending on what is purchased; and the potential for a backup pair in case one pair is lost, stolen, or damaged.

For me personally, I prefer the latter. I find that the transitions aren’t quite dark enough to replace our outdoor tint when the lights are especially bright or my photophobia is extreme. I like switching to my bigger Mistral frame in those situations, which would be too big for business meetings. I also like having a backup pair for emergencies – I’ve been on trips before where a lens was damaged, and I was glad to have the other pair available.

Thanks for reading.  Have a Pain-Free Day!


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