Natural Migraine Relief with Axon Optics’ Therapeutic Lenses

FL41 tinted glasses For Natural Migraine ReliefBlocking certain wavelengths of light can be an effective means of natural relief from migraines. In 1991, researchers at the University of Birmingham, England tested a group of migraine sufferers by having them wear glasses with a special lens using FL-41 tint. [1] The lens preferentially blocks blue-green light and was originally developed to reduce sensitivity to fluorescent lighting[2], but has been shown effective in mitigating the frequency and severity of migraine, blepharospasm, and other light sensitivity conditions. In the 1991 study, when wearing FL-41 lenses, participants experienced a reduction in the number of migraines, from 6.2 episodes per month to 1.6 episodes per month.

Helping People Find Natural Relief From Migraines Ever Since

Since that time, the Moran Eye Center at the University of Utah has been using the same Therapeutic lenses used by Axon Optics and prescribing it to patients as a natural migraine relief. More than 80% of patients report that the lenses improves symptoms of light sensitivity (photophobia) and headache. For some patients, the improvement can be dramatic, allowing patients disabled by headache and photophobia to return to work.  See some of our customer testimonials.

Not All Migraine Glasses Are Created Equal

Axon Optics has the technical expertise to deliver consistent quality for migraine glasses. An research projects was carried out to determine if his patients were getting the same quality from different vendors. There were wide variations in the quality, spectral characteristics, and optical densities of FL-41 lenses purchased from different optical shops and laboratories. Axon Optics uses the therapeutic formulation preferred by the Moran Eye Center and used for thousands of patients.

Photophobia Glasses natural migraine pain relief

For additional research published on the subject of blocking light for natural migraine relief and other light sensitive conditions, read the provided Scientific Publications.

1 Source: Good PA, Taylor RH, Mortimer MJ. The use of tinted glasses in childhood migraine. Headache. 1991. 31:533–6.

2. Source: Wilkins AJ, Wilkinson P. A tint to reduce eye-strain from fluorescent lighting? Preliminary observations. Ophthalmic & Physiological Optics. 1991. 11:172-175.