New Axon Optics FL-41 Contacts Review

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New Axon Optics FL-41 Contacts Review

By Michael Fernandez

Migraine Contact Lens 4 Axon Optics Natural Migraine Relief Therapeutic

Holy cow. They work folks! They actually work! At first I was having issues with these contact lenses being painful on the eyes but after a good ol soak in water for a minute then a 30 second shake they are great and could not be more comfortable. I couldn’t wear them for week because I was storing them in acidic cleaning solution (which is why it burned my eyes). Now I store them in tap water and clean them weekly in the solution (Please note that Axon Optics recommends Biotrue, Lens Fresh, Alcon and Clear Conscience products). Thus far, I must say what a way to gain a leg up on the competition. Bravo Axon Optics, well done!

  • Mine are prescription contacts and they got it spot on. The tint is perfect as well. I can actually look at a device with background lighting like a tv, phone, or computer screen without glasses again thank you to Axon Optics!
  • They are well-shaped. I keep them in a cleaning kit that they came with, the “Clean Care Triple Action Cleaning Kit”. It holds the lenses in the right shape so they don’t fold over on you or anything frustrating like that. They form well to my case regardless of the fact that they weren’t made for it.
  • Things aren’t all that pink and in dim light my fiance couldn’t even tell I had colored contacts in at 3am. I will have to take a picture in the daytime to show you all how this looks! Rest assured you won’t be creeping anyone out!
  • Clean your lenses often as needed. If your hands are constantly dirty, wash those suckers daily. You don’t want an eye infection. I’m sure the extra cleaning solution you’ll go through is cheaper than an optometrist visit and a co-pay as well as medication etc.
  • Keep at least 1 bottle you get the contacts in or vial! This shows the expiration date on the outside and it’s crucial to know when you’ll be needing a new pair of lenses so that you can order in appropriate timing so that you receive them the week these go expired.
  • Even in photos and in person nobody can tell you’re wearing shaded contacts unless you tell them! I had to tell my fiance and mother this morning and ask how they looked they never knew I’d gotten these contacts in meanwhile I’ve been walking around with them on for a while now.
  • Get back into the light with the FL-41 contact lenses by Axon Optics. Seriously you can come out of your darkened corner now!

Now that you’ve all seen some pics and how these truly look on the eyes, read my entire review, and now know how comfy these are I hope you will consider ordering these bad boys. They’re still new but my god people they work like a damn charm! I have to thank everyone over at Axon Optics for allowing me to review a prescription pair of these wonderful contact lenses! I really never thought we’d see this technology so soon but it appears once again the engineers and doctors of Axon Optics have our backs!


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12 thoughts on “New Axon Optics FL-41 Contacts Review

  1. Judy says:

    Is there a difference in the price on contacts with no prescription? I understand that I must still get a correct measurement from an eye doctor, but as I am near sighted, I read and do all computer work without glasses while having chronic migraines which generally originate from my left eye.

  2. Steven Thompson says:

    My wife wears migraine glasses and they do a wonderful job , but as a director for the state appearence is important and pink or red glasses embarass her. She wears contact lenses , toric because of astigmatism. If you offer these we would be extremely interested in ordering some for her to try

  3. Gil Daggett says:

    Had corneal transplants 10 years. Cell count is getting low but still don’t need redo yet. Had CRAO last year and the glare is unbearable. Wear patch several hours a day. Have your Dalliance and they help. I now get horrible migraines. Would your readers, sunglasses and or co tact lenses help? Could you send me info for my ophthalmologist?

  4. Karri Seeds says:

    I have been diagnosed with severe dry eye as well as Benign Essential Blepharospasms with extreme light sensitivity. My neurologist had heard that the F-41 glasses might help but what about the contacts? I use 2.50 reading glasses so I would not have to have a prescription necessarily

    • Lori Glover says:

      We have many customers that suffer from blepharospasm. Axon Optics provides relief for 90% of our customers. We recommend trying a non prescription frame first to determine if the tint is effective for you. Then you can move forward with a custom order for the +2.50 readers. Our new contact lens is expected to launch late this year. Please email [email protected] for more information.

      • Mark says:

        Hi I’m 25 years old. Over the last few years I have suffered from eye floaters, so I have spent a lot of time avoiding the sun and bright lights so spent a lot of time wearing sun glasses and staying inside with the blinds shut, i have ended up developing severe photophobia I really struggle with any bright lights or going out in the sun and has really been effecting my life would thses help?

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