The Next Generation of Light Filtering Eyeglasses

Recent research has revealed the pathways between the eyes and the brain associated with pain and light sensitivity. Axon Optics is using this information to develop light blocking products that are even more effective! In collaboration with the University of Utah and the Moran Eye Center,  Axon Optics is conducting research to identify the optimal technology for naturally reducing migraines and light sensitivity!

In the future, Axon Optics will introduce its patent-pending eyeglasses with a clearer coating that more effectively blocks the wavelengths of light that trigger migraine.  To stay up to date with this exciting product, please sign up for emails.

One thought on “Future Products

  1. Tyler Jenner says:

    I’m glad you are continuing this work! When light hits my eyes, my body recoils as if had been shot.! I’d LOVE to have relief from this awful sensation!

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