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Order Times, Duties and Import Taxes for International Customers

Let’s imagine you are having a migraine. You’ve researched FL-41 Lenses, Natural Migraine Relief, Homeopathic Remedies, and Axon Optics. This time, your migraine is so severe that you decide to take a risk and try them out. You are relieved to see that we offer international shipping, and you place an order. Then, you wait.

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So, how long does an order take?

Some of our most popular styles are premade and available to ship directly from our inventory. We ship from Utah, California, and New York to best serve you. We’ll send the fastest possible pair. If we don’t have your style in stock, or you’ve placed a custom order, then the lenses will need to be made in our lab. All of our lenses are handmade in our lab. Different lens types require different processes, each with different turnaround times. A non-prescription pair takes an average of three days to make. Anti-Glare Anti-Smudge coating adds another 3 – 4 days. Prescriptions, transitions, polarization, and other special treatments add several days each. Please note that these times are merely averages; actual times depend on the individual lens, lab volume, and the rigorous QA process. If the lenses aren’t top notch, we remake them.

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If you placed your own order online, you’ll get a tracking number once they lenses have shipped. You will receive an order confirmation email. Unless there are issues, we won’t contact you again until your lenses have shipped. There is no need to contact us. If you’ve paid for UPS 2nd Day shipping, the lenses will be sent via UPS. Expedited shipping only occurs after the lenses are made and does not guarantee immediate shipment.

I can’t emphasize this enough: don’t wait until you’re having a migraine to order!

If you’ve placed an international order, be prepared for the possibility of import duties (taxes). Every country in the world has its own taxation system; most countries will charge you a tax to import products from other countries. Customs may charge you a fee, which depends on your local laws. This is entirely separate from us. For more information on import duties, taxes, and the specific laws in yoru country, please visit:


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