Measure your Pupillary Distance with our PD Tool

PD is the distance between your pupils, which is required to center your prescription in your frames.
Use our PD tool to measure the distance.

Measure your PD

General Instructions to Get Started

✔ Clean desktop/phone camera

✔ Use a standard, light-colored magnetic card

✔ Well-lit room, no bright backlights

✔ Check network connection

✔ Adjust volume & listen to instructions carefully

Measure your PD
measure your pd

Supported Browsers

Desktop Web
Safari, Chrome, Firefox*

desktop browsers PD

Mobile Web
Safari, Chrome

mobile browsers PD

*Firefox is not supported in private mode

Camera Access Privacy Concerns

We require camera permission on the browser to perform the scan. If denied, browser settings should be manually changed to open camera.

✔ We only access the camera for the duration of the scan
✔ We take great care to implement and maintain the security of our services:

● GDPR compliant
● ISO 27018 certificate for IT and cloud privacy protection

Measure your PD

Magnetic Card Privacy Concerns

No need to use a credit card, any standard magnetic card will do!

● Card dimensions (3.37 inch; 8.56 cm)
● Bus / library / membership card should do just fine 🙂

✔ An automatic obstruction process blurs the details so they can’t be recognized
✔ The image isn’t linked to any personal identifiable information
✔ We take great care to implement and maintain the security of our services:

● GDPR compliant
● ISO 27018 certificate for IT and cloud privacy protection

✔ Refer to the privacy policy

Measure your PD

Can’t pass PD - User Behavior

(1) Position
✔ Position yourself 30-40 cm from the screen
✔ Face parallel to the camera
✔ Eyes clearly visible
✔ Move away loose hair covering eyes
✔ Hold card at the top corner
✔ Place card just above the eyebrows
✔ Magnetic strip clearly visible

(2) Device
✔ Check network connection
✔ Make sure camera is clean
✔ Camera should be at eye level

Measure your PD

(3) Card
✔ Standard magnetic card
✔ Prominent magnetic strip
✔ Magnetic strip facing down
✔ Light colored card

(4) Environment
✔ Well-lit environment

Avoid bright backlights causing glare
Avoid poor lighting conditions

PD supported range: 52-75mm
Still doesn’t work? Try a different card. Light-colored cards work best!

Other Issues

✔ Accuracy
- Pupillary distance (PD) measurement is proven accurate within +/- 1.5 mm

Our results have been clinically tested, and proven to be as accurate as standard acceptable PD meters

I got different PD measurements (within range), which one should I use?
- PD measurements may vary according to the distance from the object you focus on at the time of the measurement
- Clinically speaking, there is no difference, use the smaller measurement

✔ Volume
- Voice instructions are designed to guide users through the process
- Volume goes up to make sure visually impaired users can understand the flow and complete is successfully

✔ Camera Access
- Ad Blockers may interfere with opening the camera, change settings to allow the camera to open
- Outdated browsers may prevent camera access and should be upgraded to the latest version to proceed

Still can’t figure it out? We can help! Contact us.

How to measure your PD manually:

Sometimes optometrists do not measure PD unless you purchase glasses from them.
If you are unable to get it from your provider you can try measuring it yourself with the help of a friend:

1. Grab a dry erase marker and your glasses
2. While wearing your glasses, look at an object about 20 feet away
3. Have your friend dot each lens directly over your pupil
4. Remove your glasses
5.Measure the distance between the 2 markings with a millimeter ruler for the total PD

In the PD field you can enter one of these options:

- your total PD measurement in millimeters (ie: 63.5)
- lenses are marked in my shipment
- waived for lab to calculate

It is better to self measure than to waive it. However, if you cannot successfully get a PD measurement, our lab will calculate a PD measurement based on your frame dimensions.

Use our PD Tool