Pregnancy Migraines: Prevention and Treatment

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Pregnancy Migraines: Prevention and Treatment

Many women find that their migraine decreases during pregnancy. However, some pregnancy migraines have been linked to increased blood pressure, abortions, the number of caesareans, preterm births and other issues during pregnancy and childbirth.

An extensive study was done at the Department of Clinical Epidemiology at Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark. This study has shown that pregnant women who suffer from migraine often have complications in their pregnancy more often than women who are not migraineurs.

A pregnant woman standing by flowers, smiling at her baby growing inside her. Pregnancy migraines occur in about 8 percent of pregnant women.

Newborn babies whose moms are migraineurs were also more likely to have respiratory distress and febrile seizures.

In this study, researchers have used the Danish health register to identify more than 22 000 pregnant women who are also migraineurs that have come into contact with a hospital because of their migraine. This group was compared to a ten times larger group of women without migraine.

What they found was that the risk of caesareans was between 15 and 25 percent higher for women with migraine. They used the same data to determine that migraine medication can prevent some of the complications. They stated that these results should be interpreted with caution but the risk of complications was lower for migraineurs who continued taking their medications throughout their pregnancy.

This goes to show that medication isn’t the reason for complications but rather the migraine itself.

The study also found:

  • One-half to three-fourths of migraineurs experience an improvement in their migraines during pregnancy
  • Around 50% of migraineurs experience reduction of the improvement with each subsequent pregnancy
  • Migraine can start during pregnancy in 1% to 10% of women
  • Migraine worsens during the first trimester in 8% of women
  • Postpartum headache happens to about 30% to 40% of all women
  • Migraine returned in 100% of the women during the month after delivery for women who bottle-fed
  • Migraine returned in 43.2% of women during the month after delivery for women who breastfed

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While women are less likely to get migraines while pregnant, you should still exercise caution.

According to the study, when managing migraine during pregnancy and breastfeeding, the best therapeutic strategy is always non-pharmacological. However, since a headache can mean a lot of stress, sleep deprivation, even depression, a pharmacological treatment can be exercised.

Your doctor needs to take into account all of the benefits and risks as well as aim to give the lowest effective dose and make the treatment as short as possible. Medication is considered safe during breastfeeding if the relative infant dose is less than 10%.

The study also says that all migraine triggers should be avoided during pregnancy. A pregnant and breastfeeding woman should get enough sleep, nutritious food, avoid bad food, get enough exercise and time outdoors and so on. When it comes to non-pharmacological treatments for a headache, the study recommends acupuncture, yoga, meditation, rest or gentle massage.

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Pregnant woman practicing yoga to stay fit and prevent pregnancy migraines

Nora Mork is a health journalist at Big Assignments and OX Essays. She regularly shares her experience by writing stories for blogs, such as Paper Fellows.



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