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Ready-made and Custom Therapeutic tints for Photophobia Computer Glasses

Hi folks!  Virginia here.  Let’s talk about the different tint types. We regularly offer four tints on our website: indoor, outdoor, transitions, and polarized.  All of our tints are made with FL-41 and provide 100% UVA/UVB protection.

Small - 4 tints, transitions in full sun(2) Axon Optics FL-41 Natural migraine relief

transitions-lenses-logo - Axon Optics Natural Migraine Relief FL-41 Lens

Indoor lenses are great for office use, grocery stores, fluorescent lighting,reading, cooking, and any indoor activity.  Perfect for people with mild light sensitivity, as the light pink lens provides a light level of protection.   The indoor lens looks like a classic tinted lens and will not draw attention in public.

Outdoor lenses have the strongest density of our tint on each lens, making them the most therapeutic.  They block the maximum amount of the irritating portion of the light spectrum while mainting visibility.  These cranberry-colored lenses are great for outdoor use, bright lights, or extreme photophobia.  Once your eye adapts to the redness of the lens, everything you see will be brighter than if you’d been wearing sunglasses.  This is because the lens is blocking only a portion of the light spectrum, unlike the full light blockage of a pair of sunglasses.  Try our outdoor tint in a sunglass frame for maximum coverage.

Tint Comparison indoor outdoor axon optics fl-41 natural migraine reli


Specialty Tints: Transitions and Polarized lenses are always available.  Please allow one addiitional week processing time in addition to any other specialty lens treatments selected (prescription, premium coatings, etc.)

polarized transitions axon optics fl-41

Transitions Lenses: A lighter rose-tinted lens transitions to a warm grey when exposed to sunlight. Our transitions lens is lighter than our indoor tint, and darkens to a grey which is lighter than our outdoor tint. A great choice for those who don’t want to have to switch pairs when switching locations. Not recommend for those with extreme photophobia. Please allow extra processing time to make transitions lenses.

Polarized Lenses: Our darkest lens in terms of total light blockage. A dark grey polarized lens augmented with a thin coating of our tint provides moderate light protection.  A good choice if you’re extremely photophobic and already know polarization works for you. If you’ve never had polarized lenses before, we recommend first trying a non-polarized non-prescription pair of our outdoor lenses.

As with all polarization, they cause distortion when viewing electronics, and make some people feel sick. (This is standard with all polarization, not exclusively our lenses.) If you’ve worn polarized lenses before, then you’ll be fine. If you have not worn polarized lenses before, we do not recommend purchasing your prescription lenses with polarization. Non-prescription polarized lenses can be exchanged, but exchanges take time – time you don’t want to wait during a migraine.

You can order the Indoor, Outdoor, Polarized or Transitions Lenses from this range below.  The other shades shown are for comparative reference only.  Together, they look quite beautiful.

all 7 tints Axon Optics FL-41 Natural Migraine Rel

8 thoughts on “Ready-made and Custom Therapeutic tints for Photophobia Computer Glasses

  1. Scott edwards says:

    If i wanted to order the in-between do I need to call that in and is cost any extra? Didn’t see that option in website. These would non prescription computer glasses, we have a lot of natural light and a lot if fluorescents in the office.

  2. Payam zarandi says:

    Dear Sir or Madam
    I want to cover my eyes from public at all times during night and day
    I just want nobody can see my eyes.
    What type of frams are suitable for me?
    Kind regards

    • Lori Glover says:

      We focus more on light transmission rather than density. Only 14% of the light passes through the outdoor tinted lens. 58% of the light is transmitted through our indoor tinted lens. You can email [email protected] for more information and a graphic of the visual light spectrum.

    • Lori Glover says:

      All of our non prescription frames have a lenient return policy so you can determine if the tint is effective. Transitions are available, but most people test separate indoor and outdoor frames. Email [email protected] for more information.

  3. Wesley says:

    Would it be possible to get indoor lenses tinted to match hex color codes? I need very specific colors. If you can’t, could you please direct me to someone who can?


    • Lori Glover says:

      We only sell SpectraShield FL-41 lenses. Although it is expensive and time consuming, you may want to research Irlen Lenses. Good luck to you.

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