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Replace Lenses on Glasses: A scratch on your lens is a simple fix

If you wear shades, readers, or prescription eyewear, at some point you will have to replace the lenses on your glasses. It is inevitable.

It happens to the best of us – and some more often than others.


No matter how careful you are, how meticulous you are about protecting your glasses, scratches are bound to happen. Maybe you drop them, or they somehow wind up floating around loose in your purse or backpack. And sometimes it’s just a mystery.

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, scratches just happen.

So, how do you replace lenses on glasses?

The good news is, it’s a lot easier than you might think. makes it super simple.

At Axon Optics our focus is on therapeutic lenses for light sensitivity and migraine relief using our proprietary SpectraShield tinting. However, if you just need a prescription lens, sans the Spectrashield, we highly recommend Lens On Us.

We’ve been working with their team for nearly a decade for special prescription lens orders and they’ve always done an outstanding job. Their owner, Afshin Baghai, is outstanding and always willing to make your prescription right.  Now their team is launching a new site to make their services more accessible to the public. Now it is easier and less expensive – way less expensive – to replace your lens without giving up your frames.

Keep your frames – Replace or change your lenses.

You’ve decided that it’s time to replace or change your lenses, but you still like your frames. If you are like most people, shopping for eyeglass frames is about as fun as getting a root canal. You try on frame after frame, comparing and deliberating. It can be a frustrating, time-consuming process, not to mention an expensive one.

If you already have eyeglass frames that you love you can keep them!

We wouldn’t ask you to separate from a pair of frames that you already know look great on you and are a comfortable, perfect fit. Bring them along! Lens On Us will fit the lenses to your frames and you’re good to go.

Scratches and scuffs on your lenses? They handle that too.

You don’t have to go through the entire process of searching for frames and finding something that looks good as well as feels good. Why try to fix what isn’t broken?

Young man wearing eyeglasses. You can replace your lenses and keep your frames.

Replace the lenses in Axon eyewear.

If you have Axon eyewear or want your glasses to have lenses with the Spectrashield tint, simply choose the “send in your frame” option and follow the directions. We are able to replace the lenses in most frames.

Choose if you want indoor, outdoor, or transitions tint. If you have a prescription, include it (we also handle non-prescription lenses), and describe your frame. Print out your order and include it with the frames when you send them in. It is important to specify the “Send in Your Frame” service on the envelope to ensure prompt attention.

It’s just that simple.

Replace the lenses on glasses that are prescription.

If all you want is to replace the lenses on glasses that are not tinted such as prescription or reading glasses, send them directly to the Lens On Us lab.

You can get your lenses replaced in three easy steps:

  1.   Choose the lens type you want and input your prescription information using the webform on the Lens On Us website.
  2.   Lens On Us will send you a box so you can send your frames to them. It is already labeled so all you have to do is drop your frames in and send them on their way.
  3.   When Lens On Us receives your frames, they make your lenses according to your prescription and ship them completed glasses back to you.

Ad that says scratched lenses? No problem!

It’s quick, easy, and affordable.

  •         Progressive Lenses – $100
  •         Bifocal – $70
  •         Single Vision – $50

You will also have the option of choosing your preferred lens material. The CR-39 is free, but polycarbonate lenses are an additional $20 and high-index plastic is an additional $40. From there you choose your lens options which are a clear lens at no extra charge, polarized lenses for an additional $50 or transition lenses for an additional $50. The coating on the lenses is the last step. You can choose no coating for no charge, or you can choose a regular anti-reflective coating for an additional $35 or a blue defense anti-reflective coating (good if you spend a lot of time on a computer or digital device) for an additional $60.

We trust Lens On Us and you can too!

At Axon Optics we trust Lens On Us with our prescription lens needs. When we place a pair of glasses into their very capable hands, we can rest assured that we will get high quality craftsmanship every single time and friendly, knowledgeable customer service to boot. If you need to replace lenses on your glasses, you can trust Lens On Us – we certainly do!

Visit their website today and see just how easy and economical it is to replace your lenses and keep your frames

Young woman wearing prescription eyeglasses with wire frames.


Add that says Love your frames? Keep em!

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