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Stories of Relief: Axon Optics User Laura Tietz

At Axon Optics, we’re big on science. You’ve probably read about it here on our website (if not, look here to learn more). To make a long story short, clinical studies have proven the value of our migraine glasses in filtering out offending light to lessen the effects of photophobia — not the least of which is migraine.

We love science. It’s more than something to hang our hat on; it explains how our products work. But it’s not why we created them.

We founded Axon Optics because the science helped us understand the difference our products could make in the day to day lives of users. It’s about reducing painful interruptions in your life and making it more livable. It’s about giving you the opportunity to go outside, shop, sit next to a window, or stay productive at work without being sidelined with a migraine.

Axon Optic is about people like you, who have learned from experience the difference that Axon Optics eyewear can make in their ability to function. This is why we’ll continue sharing the stories of real users who’ve shared their unique stories online. We hope you’ll reach out and share your story as well.

Today, meet Laura.

Laura wears her Axon Optics CoverRx lenses to reduce symptoms of light sensitivity.

Laura had her first migraine at age 13. At first, her attacks were pretty infrequent but seemed to be triggered by changes in the weather, light sensitivity, and stress.

But when Laura got older, everything changed. About two years ago, she wrote in a journal entry:

“I miss what it’s like not to have a headache of some kind, whether it be a tension headache that can escalate to a migraine or a migraine itself. I find myself hating sunshine because it’s one of my triggers.”

Laura began to suffer migraine headaches just about every day. Her doctor prescribed a “cocktail” of medications for migraine prophylaxis, but she still didn’t get much relief, so she decided not to take them anymore. A few months later, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Her tumor was removed, but she still suffers the same triggers she did when she was younger, when a migraine attack will sometimes try to creep in. So Laura was glad to try Axon Optics eyewear for light sensitivity and share her story on her blog.

“For the first use, I deliberately picked a sunny winter day after a fresh snowfall when there was a good deal of sunlight reflecting off the snow. These are the days I would normally spend in my bedroom with the shades drawn, but I threw open my shades with the intent to give these glasses a go! I was pleasantly surprised when I put them on. The lenses gave everything a sort of rose-colored tint. This muted the bright light without making it difficult to see…. I also discovered that the glasses were effective even in a dark room with only a bright lamp for light.

“I recently drove myself to a doctor’s appointment on a mostly sunny day. Of course, I had to bring along my Axon Optics glasses to try. I must say they worked like a charm!…It’s wonderful to have a product that actually does what it claims to do — reduce the frequency and severity of migraines.”

We’re grateful to Laura for sharing her story, and we’d love to hear yours. Please send your experience to [email protected]

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