Testimonial from British Columbia, Canada - Axon Optics

Testimonial from British Columbia, Canada

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Testimonial from British Columbia, Canada

To Whom It May Concern,

On strong sunny mornings the first thing I reach for are my Axon Optics.  They give me instant relief from the glare.  I had Cataract Surgery following which I developed astigmatism which resulted in severe sensitivity to bright light.

On the recommendation of our top Neuro-Optic Surgeon I purchased a pair of Axon Migraine Glasses and now experience good relief from bright light and they are very helpful for night driving.  This product is still not available in Canada.

Yours Truly, N.M., British Columbia

(Editor’s note: Though we do not currently have any stores in Canada that carry our lenses, our lenses are available via mail order in Canada as well as any country to which the United States Postal Service ships.   Order online.

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