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The Amazing Transformation of Axon Optics Migraine and Light Sensitivity Transitions Lenses

Recently, I took all four of our tints outside to compare. It was a sunny winter day. There is no finer time to photograph our lenses, as flash and color correction affect the way our lenses look on camera.  The results were shocking: our transitions lenses are as light as our indoor tint when indoors, and dark to a medium-strength sunglass with the benefit of our indoor tint.

First, know that these photos are completely unretouched.  These are pictures of the Geek Chic 71 frame with my prescription Transitions and Anti-Glare Anti-Smudge Coating as seen at the computer.  I highly recommend Anti-Glare Anti-Smudge coating.  You can see the blue-green sheen of the coating at work in the monitor reflection:

Geek Chic 71 Transitions Anti-Glare Anti-Smudge Axon Optics


Next, I went to a room with ambient light from the windows.  I had a hard time finding light that would create glare.  I had to stand in my kitchen and stare up at the lights.  The first picture shows the lenses indoors in ambient light, without glare; the second picture shows the lenses directly facing a bright overhead light.  The third picture zooms in on that glare-fighting power!

Axon Optics Transitions Lenses and Anti-Glare Anti-Smudge Coating

Incredibly, these lenses turn very dark outdoors.  When you’re looking through them, your eye adapts to the darkness.  You may not even notice that it’s gone dark – I often have to check my reflection or as a friend.

Transitions Axon Optics FL-41 Lenses in Full Sunlight



How do our Transitions lenses stand up to the sun itself?  Incredibly well!  Amazingly, I was able to capture the difference on camera:

Axon Optics Transitions Lenses fl-41 direct sunlight

Our transitions are more than our regular lenses and should be considered an investment.  I highly recommend purchasing our Anti-Glare Anti-Smudge coating to protect your investment as well as for its light-fighting properties.  Most people begin saving money immediately after purchasing our lenses, as the lenses cut down dramatically on the need for rescue medications.  Now that’s something to smile about!  Step into the light again with Axon Optics.



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